Features & Benefits

  • Prevents licking & chewing at surgical sutures and hot spot areas
  • Built-in Potty cover for easy potty trips outside
  • Adjustable fit in the chest and or the abdominal area
  • Double stitched and reinforced for durability and cool to the touch
  • Hypoallergenic, Soft breathable but durable Peruvian cotton material
  • Available in two styles: Step-into & Pullover
  • Seven sizes to choose from in short or long sleeves
  • As an extra bonus, the Cover Me by Tui creates a calming effect when worn

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Compassionate Care

Everyone understands that an injury or a surgery can be a very traumatic experience for both the pet and the owner; as veterinary medical professionals we strive to keep these experiences as positive and convenient as we can. The Cover Me by Tui allows us to do just that and offer a whole new level of Compassionate care!

Dr. Charlie Sink, DVM and Staff

This was Perfect!

My 14 month old miniature Schnauzer recovered comfortably thanks to Tulane’s Closet. I had ordered at least 8 post surgical onesies from other companies and sent them all back because none fit well and covered his surgical site as securely. This was by far the best! I advised my veterinarian to carry these. I could never have put a cone on this guy. He would have freaked out. This was perfect!


We Love Them

No surgery, but all her 9 years of life she has always been itchy. Two years ago she broke out in terrible sores. We finally figured out she has a terrible yeast infection and the vet told us she needs to wear an outfit and booties so she won’t hurt herself when she chews or scratches herself. So I went on the internet and found Tulane's Closet. She has to wear the outfits 24/7 and we love them.

Wendy & KD

Best Post-Surgery Jammies Ever!

Thank you so much for making the best post-surgery jammies ever! The cone of shame is not humane! Minnie Mae loves hers and is resting comfortably in them after her surgery today. Kudos to Animal Medical Center of Mid America in St Louis for carrying the Cover Me by Tui at their clinic. They got Minnie Mae all suited up before she was even awake.

Jennifer H.

Saved Me from Insanity!

I just got my dog’s outfit delivered and you have saved me from insanity! She would not keep the cone on so I had to lay on the floor next to her and cover her stitches with my hand! For hours! She is now sleeping comfortably with it on and I can finally get a few things done. It is so well made and breathable enough so I know her surgical area still gets airflow. Thank you!

Lauren B

Very Pleased with Your Product

Boomer is wearing your post surgical garment and doing very well. I was impressed with the high quality fabric which washed beautifully. The garment is very well made and designed with just the right amount of snaps to adjust to my dog's shape and size. We are very pleased with your product.

Carol E

American Pet Products Association Member
Animal Protective Association of Missouri Member
Women in the Pet Industry Network
Animal Wellness Magazine Approved
Tulane's Closet LLC BBB Business Review