What can the Cover Me by Tui garment be used for?

Basically, anytime your pet needs a protective covering over the body. After any type of surgery including spay, neuter, ACL and everything in between. They are also used for non-surgical issues. Hot spots, allergies, females in heat, older pups that dribble. The Cover Me by Tui is also a very calming pet garment for pups that have anxiety.

What is the difference between the step-into and the pullover style?

The step-into has snaps down the back. Which makes it easy for after surgery. No slipping the garment over the head or manipulating the legs to place your pet in the Cover Me by Tui.

The pullover has No snaps down the back. Very easy to use. Great for non-surgical procedures. Note: Both styles have built-in potty covers.

How customizable is the Cover Me by Tui?

On every Cover Me by Tui pet garment there is adjustability in the chest and or the tummy area depending on the size of the garment. We want your pet to have the best fit possible.

How does the potty cover work on dogs?

When all snapped up it will cover the entire abdomen area. When your pup needs to go potty, all you have to do is unsnap the potty cover and roll it up like a tight burrito then snap up on the chest area.

How does the potty cover work on cats?

The sole purpose for the potty cover on the cat Cover Me by Tui is to put on the garment itself. Unsnap the potty cover and place the garment on your pet, once the garment is on, snap the entire potty cover up, and their ready to go. *No need to remove the potty cover to use the litter box*

What does the Cover Me by Tui cover on my pet?

The garment covers everything on the body except head, feet and tail. Our pet garments come in long or short sleeve.

What is the fabric content?

Our Cover Me by Tui Post-surgical pet garments are made out of 100% Peruvian Cotton. Hypo-allergenic which is great for allergy pets. Very breathable and all-natural fabric which is very cool to the touch and is very soothing on your pet.

Is it machine washable?

Yes, you may wash in cold water and cool dry. There is very little shrinkage with the Peruvian cotton. It is wonderful fabric!

Is the Peruvian cotton durable?

Yes, we choose Peruvian cotton because not only, is it naturally breathable and light weight but most of all it is 4 times the strength and length as a traditional cotton fiber. Our pet garment is also double stitch throughout and can be washed over and over again. This is a beautifully made pet garment.

Won’t my pet be too hot?

No, not with our US patented pet garment. We only use the worlds best fabric which is the Peruvian Cotton. The fabric is lightweight but very durable and very cool to the touch. Which is very soothing to your pet.

How do I use the Cover Me Bandages?

This Cover Me Bandage is Not a bandage to use on your pet’s skin. It is for adhering to the inside of the Cover Me by Tui for extra absorbency when drainage maybe a possibility. This way the pet parent does not have to wash the Cover Me by Tui as frequently and the pet stays dry with less chance of infection.

Does Tulane’s Closet take special orders?

Yes, When there is a need for a special order but many times with the adjustable fit this will fix the issue, but we do offer this service. There is a one-time pattern fee along with a cost for the garment.

How soon could I receive my order?

We typically ship same day if it is before 3:30 CST Monday thru Friday. You choose the way you would like to ship your items, but we do offer overnight shipping.

Do we ship international?

We do ship anywhere in the world.