Tui's Friends

The Cover Me by Tui has made many pets and their owners happy. We love our customers and photos of dogs and cats wearing our product. Check out some of Tui’s friends. Please send us a picture at to be featured on our website.

Luna Relaxing in her #CoverMebyTui 

Chanel had to cover her stiches she looks like a movie star! 

Kallie pretty in pink relaxing!

Look at this cute smile on Baylee in her #CoverMebyTui! 

Houston after a long day relaxing in his Tie-Dye #CoverMebyTui! 

Milo Getting some love in his #CoverMebyTui

Desi had some Large Tumors that needed to be covered and she is loving her #CoverMebyTui she won’t go near the area anymore! 

Buddy just got home from surgery and chilling in his spot barking at everyone outside! 

Fiona is relaxing in her #CoverMebyTui

Check out KD in her #CoverMebyTui she has severe allergies and this helps with them! 

Check out this Cutie! No More Cone of shame for him! 

Delilah in her #CoverMebyTui after a surgery. 

Gracie is taking full advantage of the spa treatment in her #CoverMebyTui she is receiving post spay.

Bibis in her stylish Green/Navy #CoverMebyTui 

Here is Carly in her Tie Dye #CoverMebyTui! 

Check out Yadi showing off his new Tie Dye #CoverMebyTui! 

Check out Miss Pansy in her #CoverMebyTui after she was diagnosed with Eosinophilic Skin Allergies. 

Check out Malibu Rocking out her Tye Dye #CoverMebyTui! 

Arbie had surgery on her left hind leg as a result of a complete ACL tear. 

This is Luna and she is so much happier without her cone on! It has been five days since her surgery and healing beautifully! This is the forth time we have used one of your recover suits and they are a godsend! Thank you for helping to get it here so quickly! 

Look at Sandy in her #CoverMebyTui after an ACL Surgery 

Cleo in her #CoverMebyTui after a Spleen Removal Surgery. 

Check out Finn in his #CoverMebyTui after his ACL Surgery.

Check out Darla in her #CoverMebyTui! 

Avi lounging in her yellow #CoverMebyTui.

Avi styling in her #CoverMebyTui.

Zola in her #CoverMebyTui after a Post Spay she is so adorable!

Check out Liza in her #CoverMebyTui! 

Check out Beau in his #CoverMebyTui after getting stitches he is more calm and relaxed than he was before!

Teddy and Maggie looking comfy in their #CoverMebyTui after their surgeries.

Billy Bob in his #CoverMebyTui

Look how adorable Ted is in his new Apple/Navy #CoverMebyTui!

Genghis is feeling comfy in his new #CoverMebyTui!

Check out Magdalena in her new Pajamas! She had a surgery and needed some protection.

How cute in our new green/navy #CoverMebyTui!

Muffin is feeling good in her #CoverMebyTui because this really helps her allergies!

Just picked up the girl. She had tons of love out the door. Amazing care!! Amazing staff. Feeling the love! Island to Island Veterinary Clinic.

Charlie’s new specially made PJ s to keep him from licking a hot spot on his belly.

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