Please pass this note along to the kind person who provided us with the wonderful package of products your company has donated to our organization (sorry I couldn't read the signature line on the accompanying note to us).  The quality and purpose of your products are truly excellent and well thought out.  We will be sure to recommend them to our canine clients, and of course the people who love and care for them  ?!

We have a "Things That Make Us Sad" display table and a "Things That We Love" display table at our facility.  And no doubt about it your products are displayed on our "LOVE" display table.  

We are not traditional "obedience" type dog trainers and are always appreciative of folks that are willing to think outside of the box in terms of improving the quality of life for people and their animal friends-thank you for your innovative ideas in this area.   

 With appreciation,




Just want to say how happy I was to get this suit and take off the cone of shame from my little 5 lb girl. It is so well made and fits her snuggly with room to make bigger with the side snaps. She is very comfortable after coming out of surgery and having 20 staples. I have recommended these to many people.



Bought it for my Shih Tzu puppy for after her spay. Well made, fit great and my Lily loves hers! So much better than a cone of shame after surgery! Highly recommend them!❤️❤️
-Marcia S.



Speaking as a veterinarian, these are awesome, comfortable, affordable garments to protect your pet's body from further self-inflicted trauma, protect post-surgical incisions, etc. Designed specifically for animal comfort and anatomy (boy/girl parts). Durable and washable. Very well thought out product. Highly recommend! 

~M. Bauer, DVM

Oh my gosh I forgot to call you today these recovery outfits are absolutely beautifully made!

Washing them right now getting them ready for her surgery for tomorrow!

The quality the softness!

Thank you for making these beautiful outfits!

~ Kelly

I was very happy with your product I thought the design was really ingenious. Thank you also for your phone support. Great company!

~ Deborah

OMGOSH! I just love the pjs! my puppy is so cozy after surgery no cone of shame for her!

~ Andrea

I am feeling much better and my mom got me these PJs to cover my stitches so I don’t have to wear that darn cone anymore! My mom got surgery today too so we are resting together!

~ Chanel

Love this Cover Me by Tui instead of a cone!!!! First photo shows side adjustment snaps. 2nd is adjusted. 3rd shows removable section that can be rolled up and snapped in place!

~ Arleen

I ordered one of these for my girl. I ordered directly from Tulane ‘s Closet, not from a store. They were extremely helpful. The quality of the suit is fantastic. I can tell you that Desi loved it. She had to two large tumors that I needed to cover. As soon as I put this on her she never went near that area.

~ Pat Marchello

No surgery, but all her life(9 years) she has always been itchy. Two years ago she broke out in terrible sores. We finally figured out she has a terrible yeast infection and the vet told us she needs to wear an outfit and booties so she won’t hurt herself when she chews or scratchs herself. So I went on the internet and found Tulanes. She has to wear the outfits 24/7 and we love them. Her name is KD. She is getting much better and is almost back to normal. We are using only natural products, as antibiotics only make a yeast infection worse.

Thanks so much for your interest in her and thank you for your wonderful post surgery outfits.

~ Burns, Wendy & KD

❤My 14 month old miniature Schnauzer recovered comfortably thanks to Tulane’s Closet. I had ordered at least 8 post surgical onesies from other companies and sent them all back because none fit well and covered his surgical site as securely. This was by far the best! I advised my veterinarian to carry these. I could never have put a cone on this guy. He would have freaked out. This was perfect!

~ Nancy

We’ve been clients for a number of years now and I thought you’d like to meet Miss Pansy! She was born July 4th, 2016. We rescued her from a county facility.

She was diagnosed with eosinophilic skin allergies. She has granulomas on her lips and gets flare ups of multiple skin lesions on different parts of her body, sometimes on the back, head, legs, feet, and belly too. The sores become inflamed and she tries to scratch.

Sometimes she has to wear a cone while we treat her, so she doesn’t cause damage. We've been advised by multiple vets, but my husband’s best friend from dental school has a daughter who is a DMV in Northern California. Her name is Dr. Julie Deter and she gives amazing care. We drive 4 1/2 hours from Palm Desert to Lompoc when Pansy needs to be seen. Julie checks in by text and makes regular phone calls to check up on our girl.
Tulane's Closet has helped us cover and care for her the last 2 1/2 years. We cannot thank you all enough for having the recovery product that works so well for her!!!

Shedding a few tears as I write,

~ Falon M

The Cover Me worked out beautifully and made his recovery so much more comfortable! The material literally felt like baby clothes, and nothing like a big Doberman is a yellow baby suit ;D

~ Renee E.

I had to send you a picture of Arbie in her pjs from Tulane’s Closet. We are so happy with our purchase, and so is she. She had surgery on her left hind leg as a result of a complete ACL tear. The pjs provide perfect coverage of the wound (which has 10 stitches) which helps in not having to use a cone. We had to kind of customize it for her (while we needed it bigger around her tummy, it made the flap underneath way too big so we cut it off). The material in this garment is wonderful and we are so pleased with our purchase. Thank you so much for making such a quality product—we will be sharing your info with the veterinary hospital where she had her procedure as they weren’t aware this product existed.

Also, many thanks for calling me in response to the question I sent and all your support.


~ Judi B.

Beau is an 18 pound Chocolate Havanese. He’s 4-1/2 years old and is a sweet boy and fearless adventurer.

On a morning walk in the Oregon Cascades, Beau surprised a doe and her young fawn that were bedded down, and she attacked him with repeated strikes of with her front hooves. He was “lucky” to not have been killed or more seriously injured before I chased off the doe.

He had several wounds, one of which required stitches. The location of the wounds made a “cone of shame” or “inflatable collar” inadequate to prevent him from scratching with his hind leg. In addition, he found a cone unmanageable and was not at all happy with an inflatable collar. (I had tried both.)

Typical lightweight “coats” or “sweaters” are cut without sleeves — like a man’s “muscle T-shirt,” which would also be uncomfortable with the seam across the stitches under his front leg “arm pit.” In addition, the lack of attachment in the back meant his left rear leg could push the coat forward exposing the two wounds on his side. Just wouldn’t provide the needed protection.

I was happy when I discovered the adjustable, “step-in,” short sleeve Cover Me by Tui. Beau is very relaxed when I place him on the cover me, put his legs, pull it up and secure the snaps along the back. The material is very soft and the fit is excellent, so he can romp around (as he’s quickly recovering) and he never even attempts to lick or scratch through the secure cover. Having this protection during the night is the greatest benefit of all — he goes right to sleep comfortably — looking like a little boy in a “onesie.” Sooo cute! My wife and I can sleep without waking up and worried that he may be licking a wound.

Finally, Beau is quite the “social boy,” with a “posse” of playmates and several “girl friends.” He actually seems to be “showing off” his new “threads” to them, and the protection has let him safely start playing with them again.

Beau, Janice and Paul thank you for a great product!

~ Paul

Thank You. We love your product; we used it when she had surgery. I tell everyone I know!

~ Judy B.

Our 12 year old Muffin in one of you dog onesies. It sure helped keep her from scratching her allergy rash a couple of years ago.

~ Lisa C

Wishing you the best of luck on your surgery, Ollie!! I had a Yellow Lab that went through this surgery many years ago when she was about 6 months old and she recovered quite nicely. Wish I would’ve had this amazing Cover Me by Tui for her then, but now that I know about them and have two for my little Pug/Rat Terrier lady now, I will never use the cone of shame again. Best invention ever!!

~ Marcie M

And they wash and wear beautifully. I love them. So much easier than fighting to get a sweater/shirt over their heads then the legs in without hurting them.

~ Kathryn T

I love the jammies. Been using them for years. Have come in handy multiple brines. Well worth the investment

~ Christy M

Thank you so much for making the best Post-surgery jammies ever!! The cone of shame is not humane! Minnie Mae loves hers and is resting comfortably in them after her surgery today. Kudos to Animal Medical Center of Mid America in St Louis for carrying the Cover Me at their clinic. They got Minnie Mae all suited up before she was even awake.

~ Jennifer H.

The Cover Me onesie has been amazing for our pup! He needed surgery on both knees for luxating patellas, and the long sleeved onesie has been incredible. He hates his cone of course, and this wonderful garment made it so he could be super cozy while keeping his stitches safely covered. Plus, he looks so flipping cute in them! Thank you for a wonderful product that has made our boy’s recovery so much more pleasant for him.

~ Dana B

This is Boomer! He had ACL surgery and your onesie was perfect for him to heal in!! It was super cozy and such nice material. Plus he looks pretty cute in his little outfit. Thank you for making this quality product!!!

~ Lauren

This was the most personable package I have ever received.
Handwritten “thank you” on invoice.
Two handmade dog treats.
Oh, and I can’t forget the amazing product!!
Very well made and super soft.
I know my Boston Terrier pup will be more comfortable in her garment than wearing the cone of shame after her spay.
Thank you Tulane’s Closet for your amazing customer care and great product.

~ Amanda C

Peanut, my 96.4 lb great Dane puppy fits her perfectly! she just got spayed and is relaxing in her new onesie!! thank you so much for creating these!! It’s a godsend for a goofy puppy!! a cone would be a nightmare! lol!!

~ Kris S

I highly recommend this. My Lola had surgery and I found these. To this day, she will wear it when it is cold outside.

~ Patty T

I just got my dog’s outfit delivered and you have saved me from insanity! She would not keep the cone on so I had to lay on the floor next to her and cover her stitches with my hand! FOR HOURS! She is now sleeping comfortably with it on and I can finally get a few things done. It is so well made and breathable enough so I know her surgical area still gets airflow. THANK YOU!

~ Lauren B

Here is a picture of my Tucker recovering from ACL surgery. The cone they sent him home with made all of us insane. We get a good night’s sleep ever since he has his jammies.
He has healed nicely and is well on the road to recovery. I have been singing the praises of these surgical jammies to everyone and they LOVED it at the Veterinarian hospital. The flap works GREAT for potty breaks and even though Tucker is a hound and has a lot of loose skin, he is very comfortable in his jammies.

As a matter of fact, I gave them your brochure to copy to suggest to other patients' parents as an alternative to the cone. I have suggested this to MANY dog parents. Thank you for this wonderful product!!! Thank you for your wonderful customer service.

~ Tucker and his Mommy, Carmen

My dog underwent surgery and had multiple incisions. The Cover-Me was the best thing ever! Made life easier for the both of us. Wonderful company to deal with. They kept in touch with me via social media, asking how my baby was doing. Highly recommended!

~ Robin W

OMG! This is the best engineered doggie suit ever! My baby girl feels so much more dignified now that she doesn\’t dribble pee as she walks or wets her bed during sleep. Really sturdy fabric and excellent workmanship with the many sizing snaps available….. I am using a human incontinence pad (by Always) cut in half and secured to the \’trap door\’ part of the suit way up high to where the first snap is under the tail… easy peasy to remove and replace. The doggie diaper panty style was a bit cumbersome for me and took much longer to replace with a fresh one than using the pad. Thank you for making this product!

~ Christy H

Boomer is wearing your post surgical garment and doing very well. I was impressed with the high quality fabric which washed beautifully. The garment is very well made and designed with just the right amount of snaps to adjust to my dogs shape and size.
We are very pleased with your product.

~ Carol E

I don’t know what I would have done without the Cover Me by Tui step-into. It works great! Thank you so much!

~ Deanna

Hi… I discovered your product when my puppy was neutered. He would not keep the cone on so I went looking for a garment that protected his wound. while he started wearing it post surgery , now he loves his pj’s. He will not go to sleep at night unless I put his step in pj’s on him. In fact he goes to get it himself most nights. He is often anxious and restless at night but as soon as he puts on his pj’s he calms right down and is able to curl up and go right to sleep. I have since bought him the yellow and blue one as well. He is a small breed and wears a small size. I was hoping you would be offering an expansion in colors and prints that would be suitable for a male dog. Any chance you offer a red one for the holidays? Any chance you will possibly expand your assortment. This is more than just a post surgical garment. This works better than the garments on the market that are supposed to help a dog with anxiety. I would love to buy more if they were available.

Thank you,

~ Nadia

A million mahalos for sending the T-shirt so quickly for my baby, Angel. I am really impressed at the workmanship and quality of this item. Attached are a few photos of Angel on the catwalk in her new outfit!

~ Margie

We are into our last week of our coverups. I was going to write and tell you that your coverups are great again. BUT the booties were so big on him. I realize I did the measuring, but they we too long and sloppy. I had previously ordered a \”arm sleeve\” and I got two not knowing the size i would need. I ordered a small and extra small and it worked over the coverup perfectly. What we noticed and \”my suggestion\” would be to tighten up the sleeve cuff on the coverups, or have some at least that have a tight cuff. There is no way that Baloo could pull up the cuff when it was tight. The coverup cuff is easy for him to pull up and get to a stitch in his legs. I am not asking to return the booties for any refund, not sure where I could use them, but by the time that you snapped the bootie to the coverup it was way to long , and the bootie it self was too big. I realize I did the measuring, but I would stress to people to be much more accurate when measuring. Also when we did try and use it we had to put the bootie on first, then the coverup and then snap it to each other. Trying to get his foot through to the bootie was difficult… I do believe you are headed on the right track, but I still question making the cuff tight… I tell you the arm sleeve was great and a great addition to the coverup. We had multiple stitches, probably fifty all over his body, and I can NOT IMAGINE TRYING TO DO THAT RECOVERY TIME WITHOUT YOUR COVERUP!!! You can use us as a repeat customer and how much we love it. In fact, I am not sure, but I ordered three little ones for a friend who has helped us at the vet for her three little guys and two girls.

I would be glad to talk to you if you want to ask any questions about our experience with the booties. Tough when you get different size dogs, with different size legs , and different size feet…

~ Mary H

Happy Thanksgiving! Manhattan got her stitches out yesterday and is doing great. My wife and I are sooooo grateful for the time, effort, work and rework you put into designing the Cover Me. Not only was the design so well engineered, but the fabric was so comforting to our pup. When we took it off to wash it, she couldn\’t wait for us to put it back on. I don\’t think it was just to prevent her from going for the scratch of the stitches, but truly a comforting feeling for her. I also bought the self adhesive pads for the inside which were also a plus. Although her wound did not weep, it was an initial extra padding. We left the roll up in place the entire time so going out to potty was easy for her. I also want to thank the staff at the office who helped me. They were super nice and I felt a part of the Tulane family adventure. And…I couldn\’t resist and bought a pair of socks LOL. Our Vet is Dr. Bauer and she gave us your info. We wish you the very best and have already told several of our friends about you. Take care, thank you and all the best.

~ Cindy and Aida E

I ordered an XL Onesie for our female Samoyed to cover her incision following surgery. I measured and ordered it according to the directions and size chart and it fit perfectly. It is a wonderful option as opposed to the cone of shame. She doesn\’t mind it and it protects the incision and she seems to be very comfortable. Our vet told me that these were available and I was so happy to find it and now know it works wonderfully. Thank you for this great product and allowing our pets to be comfortable following their surgeries.

~ Linda A

Thank you for your super quick turn around time. We were so grateful. As you can see in the attached picture, Zeus is sleeping comfortably. His incision on his back right leg is over 6 in long. The tumor was aggressive and bigger than a tennis ball on the surface. Zeus is 12 1/2 yrs old. We’re contemplating ordering a long sleeve one since he also had a small tumor removed on his front paw and has 8 staples there. Lots of trauma this week. We’re grateful for a soft recovery option.


~ Zeus & Family

The jammies are PERFECT. They cover her so nicely and the potti cover protects her thighs..which is where her booboos are. She looks adorable and now she is happy – No muzzle.

I will spread the good word about your company. I plan on sending you a picture and a picture to our adoption organizations so they tell everyone.

So happy that I found you.

Take care

~ Kathleen

This is a great product! My dog is going through chemo and has had significant hair loss and itchy, dry, sensitive skin. The onesie’s soft fabric soothes him and helps him settle down and relax. It’s been a tremendous help. He’s 30 lbs, so there aren’t many solutions on the market for bigger guys. It’s very well made (I’ve purchased several) and the p.j.s withstand regular washing. Plus, he’s adorable in his jammies!

~ The Waylons

I had been thinking of buying a one piece set of children pajamas to keep my dog from licking his sutures. I was so excited to find that there was a product made especially for this. The fabric is a nice weight and the item is very well made. It was easily put on. and my dog did not seem to mind it at all. He just laid down and went right to sleep. What a nice and more comfortable alternative to the “Cone of Shame”!

~ Val

This is the best thing I’ve ever found for my dogs after surgery. No matter what style cone I’ve tried they’re bulky and the dogs hate them. The Cover Me by Tui is comfortable, soft, well made and easy to use. The dogs don’t mind wearing it at all. It washes wonderfully. The flap with snaps for potty time is genius. Recommend highly for a happier dog!

~ Sable

Our Rocky is a big German Shepherd. He has impaired vision, brain lesions, and iffy hearing from being hit by a car before we rescued him. A cone was out of the question. He also has nasty skin allergies which had flared up. THE OOZE was at it’s worst and he got Bloat. They had to do emergency surgery with the incision right through the abscesses. Tulane’s Closet dog jammies were a godsend. He could not get at his incision, he did not get any internal infections from wound contamination. He still wears his p.j. s to sleep at night so he doesn’t pick at his skin. Tulane’s dog jammies were a big part of really saving his life. Thank you.

~ Christine O.

This is a second order. I have just ordered two more garments–one for my Doberman who has grown to full size and is suffering from hot spots–and one to give to our vet. I want her (the vet) to KNOW ABOUT YOUR PRODUCTS! I have lent Oscar’s garment to several other dogs for after-surgery recovery and they were all so glad to be covered comfortably and respectfully. Our vet did not know about Tulane’s Closet and I am just buying a garment for her to see and try out.

~ Deborah C.

This is my little boy! His name is Skyler Preston. He gets called a girl all the time. He does love his Tulane’s Closet “jammies” and I love it because it’s so well made. Definitely worth the purchase. In this picture, we were visiting, and he was just “chillin'” as I was getting ready.

~ Sharon H

Oh My! You have saved my sanity! My dog refused to lay her head down with the cone on! I had 3 nights of very little sleep until the Cover Me arrived. It has been a lifesaver. She had been spayed and I could not risk her getting to her stitches.

~ Anonymous

Hi Stephanie.. just wanted to let you know I did get the onsie yesterday and it fits pretty good and is so cute on her.. Thanks so much!

~ Naomi M

Thank you so much for getting our Cover Me to use so quickly. Macy is home and recovering. Her Cover Me fits perfectly. I love this product and you were so kind and professional. Will recommend it to all. Thank You?

~ Melanie J

Just placed my first order. I did a search for the dog cones and saw your website info. So glad to have found your company. Love the idea, and hopefully it will keep my dog from being able to chew on herself.

~ Em S

So happy we found your website. Our little chihuahua Chico was so unhappy in his e-collar, even the soft one. This is a God send we will all sleep tonight. Thank you

~ Joyce P

Just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for donating the surgical jammies for our Mila….you are good people.

~ Susan M

Hi there – I sent a picture as requested through the fb page but I don’t know if you got it or not. The onsie is working great and I’m really glad I decided to forego the “cone of shame” for these cute little onsie’s – she seems very comfortable in them as well. Thanks so much !!!

~ Joyce L

I’ve tried a few options to cover my baby’s stomach so she can’t lick any hot spots and none were as cute, comfortable or quality and this one. Roxie loves it. Thanks!

~ Jessica C

Debi, there is a place called Tulane’s Closet, LLC they have onesies, made out of really breathable cotton and are so much better for spays, neuters, skin problems and any kind of surgery. They are not too expensive and the site is really cool and they come in all sizes etc. I got one for my girl when she was spayed. They have snaps, etc. and really well made, but no lycra as the stitches won’t heal. Check them out online. The woman that owns the company is really sweet and they aim to please. Good luck to Arizona. Actually all you have to do is click on Tulane’s Closet in the comment that I wrote and you will see what I am talking about. I love them because they are so soft and breathable.

~ Judi C

I ordered one for as simple as a spay. I’m terrible about making my dogs wear a cone because they hate it and I always take it off. The quality is impeccable and they are so cute. I know my Abby would much rather wear soft pajamas than a cone! I recommend this to anyone for any type of procedure or surgery for their dog. It’s a great product! I wanted to add reading a review below me…..any major surgery incision is going to leak through any garment no matter the thickness. I was very happy with the thickness and quality of this. I thought it was thick enough without being hot for the animal.

~ Kara C

My poodle has a groin injury and he has licked it so much he has lost all his hair in this area. I have tried many different things to keep him from licking. Nothing has worked, until I found the onesie from Tulane’s Closet. Had it for 2 weeks now and really happy with it. Fits him great,and he is getting used to wearing it. Would recommend this as a much better option than the cone of shame. Had a slight problem, and they fixed it, no questions asked. Even went above my expectation. Great customer service for a great product.

~ Terri M

Thank you for your wonderful customer service! Gracie seems to like her Cover Me and it is sure better than the collar she was given at the vets office!

~ Susan F

Happy #NationalDogDay to my little love who’s recovering from being spayed! No cone of shame for her! #LoveHer #prettiestdogever #SusieQ #Susie #CoverMeByTui #MinPinWeenie #DogsOfInstagram

~ Susie Q’s Mom

Thanks for having an awesome product! Such a great alternative to the cone of shame!!!

~ Murray’s Mom

Ollie models his onesie by @tulanescloset. It helps to keep him out of an e-collar and accentuates the floof in all the right places. #floof #puppypajamas #covermebytui

~ Abingdon Square Vet

This is what I have resorted to in an effort to keep him from licking his new favorite spot #ohnoyoudidnt #dogwithocd #dontpostthis #covermebytui #dachshundsofinstagram

~ Liz N

Flashback to when my mama made me wear post-surgical pjs. They worked great and even had a flap with snaps in the back to open when it was time to potty! #covermebytui

~ Beryl’s Mom

I just bought one and it is AWESOME!!!!!! Got it from Treats Unleashed. He can eat, drink and go outside to the bathroom easily!!! Best $34 ever!!!!!! He is much more comfortable. Well, I switched to pajamas and they are really cool!!! It has a snap opening so he can do his business. He seems much happier!!!! Just waiting for results…

~ Angela B

Kimber is doing great after her surgery. We thought she looked adorable in her Tulane’s Closet pajamas.

~ Tammy F

The Cover Me was a huge help after our dog had a small tumor removed. she fought the cone like crazy, but the Cover Me was amazing for keeping her away from her staples! I put a some sports tape on the inside (where the stapled area was) and that kept her from “gnawing” at them as well! love this product, so glad we found it when we did!!! and I love that the snaps make it easy to potty without taking everything off. best pet product I’ve ever bought!

~ Amanda H

The things we do for our pets… Here is Dan D. ?Lion? sporting his short sleeve adjustable ‘cover me tui’ from @tulanescloset. Kinda comical how his giant fluff, poofs out of every opening.

~ Anonymous

He has been so much happier in it than our previous attempts to protect his wound. Thank you Stephanie!

~ Dan D. Lion’s Mom

Thank you for letting me know it was available at Amazon.ca. I just went there and ordered one & it will be here at the end of next week. Love the cover me as we got one 3 years ago for our Maggie and she loved it.

~ Leigh S

Great fit for our smaller pittie! So happy to have something we can use to keep his incision protected after ACL surgery!

~ Heather H

My girl Roxie has a mast cell tumor on her inside thigh. Could not find anything that would work to cover it. Had to keep her in a blowup collar so she wouldn’t lick it. I bought one of these. And she absolutely loves it. She is relaxed and sleeps like a rock. So far she has made no attempt at her tumor for 2 days. She also has calcinosis cutis which is very itchy also. This protects her skin

~ Cynthia H

Meadow is resting comfortably after her surgery in her Cover Me. Thank you so much for such a great product. The outfit keeps not only Meadow away from the incision but also her brother Biscuit.

~ Rachel P

Brownie had a softball sized tumor attached to her spleen. Full splenectomy and tumor removal yesterday and in her Tui today!! Thank you for an awesome product!!
For reference: She is a Beagle, 23.5 pounds at surgery and about 18″ collar to base of tail. This is a large and it fits much better than the medium for length.

~ Stacey M

It really is a wonderful product. Good for dogs with skin conditions too according to the website. But I’m floored at what a difference it made in my Kima once I got the cone off. She’s sleeping better and she’s more alert only five days after her ACL surgery.

~ Linda B

Slumber party time! Isn’t this onsie so cute?!!! It actually serves a purpose though. It’s meant to be an alternative to the dreaded cone of shame and will (hopefully) keep Halia from licking her incision when she comes home from surgery. (It sure doesn’t hurt that she’s absolutely adorable in it too!)? Thanks Tulane’s Closet!

~ Rebecca B

Thumbs up!

~ Suzanne J

I’m so thankful that I found your website. My dog is so happy that the garment is so comfortable. The order was so smooth and shipment was quick.

Thank you again!

~ Norma DP

I am so happy that I found the Cover Me by Tui! I was so worried that my little girl was going to have to wear an e-collar after her spay!

~ Emily D

Thrilled to find this she is so much more comfortable without the E collar.Shipping was super Fast.

~ Lori C

Carly has been comfortable during her recovery time in her Cover Me! She looks so cute in it too! Great garment (no cone of shame here).

~ Lynn O

Great alternative to the e-collar! It’s made so well and pups and parents alike love it!

~ Heather T

I’m very happy with this garment. My dog wore it spay post-surgery without issue & it prevented her from chewing when her hair was growing back. The garment runs true to size and is very easy to snap on and off. Thank you for making a product that does what it’s meant to and is so well made.

~ Hrh MV

I love the Cover Me by Tui. My ECGR, Lexie, has been wearing it since her spay 3 days ago. I love the ease and fit of the new adjustable style.

~ Carla G

Thank you so much for your donation of jammies to Camp Cocker Rescue!❤

~ Pat T

Highly recommended! The customer service is amazing. Very professional and polite. Tulane’s Closet goes above and beyond, to make sure you’re happy and your baby has the correct size. Shipping is lightning fast. We purchased these after our Chihuahua’s spay and she still wears them as jammies, when it’s cold. She looks adorable. She loves them and enjoys wearing them. They’re made so durable and they’re soft and really comfortable. They look like expensive designer clothing. We’ve received so many compliments. Thank you! ^_^

~ Cherie A

We plan to purchase more of these in the future. Thank you.

~ Nicole A

My dog was having surgery and a cone was advised, I think a cone can add stress to the dog. I googled alternatives to a cone and found the site, I emailed with a question and received a phone call back with my answer! Very personal customer service which is almost unheard of now. I ordered the shirt Monday afternoon with the standard 2-3 day mailing received Wed AM .Fits perfect, the potty panel couldn’t be easier and her incision area on belly is completely covered.. I couldn’t be happier with entire experience and product most important she is comfortable and protected…thank you!

~ Sondra Z

Great service, great people, great product. So far they are a hit with clients

~ Patty H

It worked so much better after surgery than the plastic cones. I also found it calms my beagle. He gets very excited when guests come over but if I put him in the "coat" he calms right down.

~ Sarah H

We read about this in the Dallas newspaper – what a wonderful idea. Genius!

~ Carl H

Thank you so very much for going above and beyond helping me fit Lola. I am so thankful she doesn’t have to wear the “Cone of Shame!” I recommend this to any pet owner who loves their pets and wants the best for them after surgery or any other reason to prevent them from touching an area that they can’t for a while. These also make great PJ’s for them.

~ Patty T

This has definitely made a huge difference in the recovery for my GS. She was beyond stressed with the cone so I’m very glad to have found this product. For the peace of mind of my puppy, it’s worth much more than the price I paid for it!!

~ Dorene M

Stephanie at TC is and was amazing! I needed a Cover Me for my kitty who just had emergency surgery. We talked & it’s on its way overnight! Can’t beat that kind of customer service! Not only is this a stress free item to help my kitty heal it is a great relief for pet parents that their animal will be comfortable after going through something so traumatic. Pictures to follow.

~ Monika L

Wanted to write rather than just give a rating! My 5-month old was spayed last week, and as a first time dog mom I was terrified about the next 10-14 days to come. A friend of mine recommended Tulane’s Closet and it was the best decision ever. I have yet to have to use the “cone of shame” and she not only looks adorable, but is so comfortable in the pjs. The best part was the customer service. I ordered a large one and when it came the day of the surgery, it was too big. I was nervous I wouldn’t get the new size until it was too late, but not only did they ship the new one that same day I called, but they let me keep the large until the new one came. We used a hair tie to tighten it up and she made it through the weekend. The incision looks amazing and the pup (and mostly me) could not be happier!

~ Julia F

Yes! Wonderful product, terrific customer service!

~ Linda B

I love the Camouflage Cover Me’s! Great idea for dogs recovering from surgery.

~ Michael L

Used the Cover Me for my German shepherd after leg surgery resulting from a car accident. She hated the “cone” and this was a nice option. She didn’t mind it at all and it was easy to get her into. The only suggestion/comment I would make is that I wish the fabric had been more thick/dense (not sure what word I am looking for). She licked at her incisions and was able to keep them wet with the garment on. But she had major surgeries over and beyond what most dogs do and even with pain medication experienced a fair amount of discomfort. I shared the information about your product with the vet who did her surgery as he was not familiar with it. He was very interested. I was surprised he didn’t know about it as this was a major veterinarian surgery center in Leesburg VA (have you ever contacted larger animal surgery centers?). Thank you for making a nice product that helps to ease the stress in animals recovering from a variety of procedures.

~ Kay G

So far so good! Our little man hasn’t quite woken up yet, but he’s a licker so we got him ready anyways! His name is Diesel, he’s 5 years old and just got neutered. Brave pup, I just couldn’t put him in the cone of shame!

~ Leann S

Thank you! We love using our surgical garments here in the hospital and our patients love them for home use as an alternative to the “cone of shame”!

~ Bayou City Veterinary Hospital

…The fabric is great. Also! Here’s an advertising tip. These aren’t just good for surgery. My pup has sensitive skin from his chemo, and these have been amazing for him! I say, “let’s put on our jammies” and he comes right over. Thank you!

~ Jennifer & Waylon

I had been through two ghastly surgeries with my Great Pyrenees/Golden mix, Grace, last year. Now, she has required surgery again on right leg. Put the Cover Me on the minute she came home, took the Cone off, it was a miracle. She has not tried to bother her incision or staples a single time. PLEASE consider this. My new little adopted pup is bein spayed in 2 weeks & I’m having hers ready to comfort her! Thank you, Ms. Stephanie, for the incredible Customer Support!??

~ Nancy F

Today is NinaBear’s 13th Birthday… We are so blessed to have her in our lives! Sadly, her eyes are not able to see much, and her Dementia has progressed, but she is still loving her family, friends, and all those around her, staying outdoors in fresh air and sunshine, and getting kissies and belly rubs all day! We thank you so much for caring and sending NinaBear her snuggly pajama onesies. It has helped her so much with anxiety and scratching, especially rubbing her legs across her eye medicines. You are a kind and caring staff, and we wish you the very best in 2017!!

~ Janis G

We just brought Gunner home from surgery, he had a torn ACL and Patella plus he was neutered. He seems to really enjoy his new cover and I don’t have to worry about him licking his wounds plus he doesn’t have to wear the cone of shame. Thank you for the cover me by Tui

~ David & Samantha B

Hi, I’m Sophie and my brother is Charlie. We are six month old Shih Tzu’s and are wearing our ‘Cover Me Tui’s because we were recently spayed and neutered. They are soooo soft and comfy. We are so happy. Because of our Tui’s we don’t have to wear those hard plastic cones! Thank you Tulane’s Closet!!??

~ Susan A

My Leo recovering from his first ACL surgery. Goes back for the second in a couple of weeks. Thanks for keeping his stitches safe. Plus he is so cute. Why not make some Jammies with prints. Dog Bones would be cute. Leo loves his Jammies. If I get them out he comes running for me to put them on. : )

~ Carla L

Thank you Tulane’s Closet for making my handsome onesie so I don’t have to bear the cone of shame! My mom has recommended your products to veterinarians, many dog boutiques and ALL her friends. Love, Riley.

~ Caroline H

It arrived yesterday, fits her perfectly, and is extremely well made. It covers her itchy spots, even the areas on the front of her back legs. And besides protecting her skin from licking, she looks adorable! Love it. Thank you so much!

~ Kate A

Hi Tulane’s Closet! Just want to say WOW, I was shocked when I received a notification only 15 minutes after placing my order that my Cover Me had been shipped. Talk about FAST! It arrived a day later, as expected. My little Boogey had his neuter this morning and let me put it on him once he got home. He slept comfortably for several hours…..

~ Courtney V

Geeta loves her onesie, and it keeps her from licking and biting her staples after surgery. I love the snaps, it is so easy to put her in the onesie, and the potty flap saves us so much time!!! I would suggest the Cover Me by Tui for any animal recovering from surgery, or anyone that just likes comfy jammies!

~ Amanda H

My Senior Furbaby is all Snuggly and much calmer at night in her new pink Onesies. Sadly, she has Glaucoma and is losing her sight, and suffers with skin issues and obsessive eye scratching due to her several daily eye drops. The lovely ladies at Tulane Closet were wonderful to speak to and sent her the perfect style and size. The soft fabric and leg length are just what she needed.
Thank you so much!

~ Janis G

My beagle was spayed this past Tuesday. When my vet called me to say she did fine and was resting in her onesie, I pictured her in about an eighteen month child’s onesie! My husband picked her up the next day and told me she has on the cutest pajamas! Well the onesie is a thousand times better than the collar. I was afraid that she might start chewing on the onesie but she hasn’t. She has left her surgical site alone and been very comfortable. Hats off to the creators. I would love to have one just for her to wear outside in the winter. It’s very easy to put on and the flap for her makes potty time simple, just snap it out of the way. It also seems to keep her a little calmer, if there is any way to keep a 7 month puppy calm!

~ Patricia F

No surgery for Ladybug ?. She just loves to wear clothes and she looks so darn cute!! She wore them to bed last night, and she never moved once her head hit the pillow. She LOVES her new Jammie’s!

~ Laura H

I just wanted to tell you that the onesie has been the perfect thing to help Ava recover from her spay surgery! She loves wearing it and it is extremely soft! I had doubts about the potty flap but it’s very fast and easy to do. I would definitely recommend this to anyone going through a surgery with their animal. Here are a couple pictures of Ava wearing it????

~ Amy H

So far, so good. Lexie is doing pretty well after being attacked by 2 pit bulls about 10 days ago. Daily trips to the vet for wound debridement, but she is hanging in there and is a real trooper. The Cover Me is working perfectly (thanks for the suggestion of getting 2)- she really seems calmer with it on and everyone loves her “pink jammies”. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much.

~ Michelle

My golden retriever, LJ, had a cancerous tumor removed from her back/hip area yesterday, and I had purchased the onesie in blue for her. It is working wonderfully. The vet was able to excise the entire tumor, we believe, and are waiting for pathology. But LJ doesn’t have to wear a cone, because the shirt works so well. I’ve attached a couple pictures of her for you. This is a fabulous product, such high quality, breathable, easy to get on and off.

~ Denny & LJ

My Lab had TPLO surgery last week so we needed to prevent her from licking the incision. Her step-in coverup has been a wonderful product. I started with a single onesie, then bought a second one so I can keep a clean one on hand. Even though I’d bought a soft cone, she doesn’t like wearing it much but is perfectly happy in her onesie. It washes up beautifully and is a great product. Thank you Tulane’s Closet!!

~ Kay H

Just had to let you know that I am so grateful for the 3 cover-ups. Baloo had his surgery yesterday and we immediately put on his cover up. IT WORKS PERFECTLY! HIs surgery was much more extensive and it was such a relief that I did not have to worry about him getting to his stitches when I was dealing with a little guy who could not even stand up. It worked !… Just wanted to let you know I have been in the vets getting pain shots, and everyone is commenting on his “outfit”. Had an accident in it and it washed up just as nice as you said it would. I am so grateful that I found your website as it is exactly what my Baloo needed. He may be in it longer than we thought as the healing process will also take time. He does not really mind it either. That is good since it could be at least 3 to 4 weeks. Thank you thank you… for developing a beneficial product that works. The great thing is it covers the inside of his legs as he has stitches there too. My vet is Oakwood Animal hospital in Kalamazoo Mi and I would definitely approach them with displaying your cover ups. One grateful client…

~ Mary & Paul & Baloo

Hey you guys! Here’s a photo of my Dukeman in one of your creations. He isn’t as miserable as he looks, he was falling asleep from all the attention! It really is a life-saver regarding his chest skin and armpits: sometimes he itches so bad that his scratching makes him bleed. (He is on allergy meds and Benadryl at that point.)

Anyway, the outfit is such a successful necessity for us. Thanks so much!

~ Susan

I bought one of these for my beagle after abdominal surgery. It worked great and the material is soft but substantial. He actually seemed to like wearing his. So much more comfortable than the cone of shame.

~ Val S

We used the Cover Me by Tui on our female for 2 separate ACL surgeries and it worked wonderfully for her and for us too! Much less stress for all involved.

~ Lori A

If you have a dog or cat in your life who is recovering from surgery or has allergies, hot spots, etc. Please look into the “Cover Me” pet garment to avoid using the horrendous E-Collar. We went several days with no sleep after Harper Lee’s surgery due to that cone, but when we found this amazing remedy through Tulane’s Closet. We all were able to finally rest. The “Cover Me” prevents licking & chewing at surgical sutures & hot spots. It has an adjustable fit, made of soft, breathable Peruvian cotton with a built-in potty cover. It would be so helpful if every veterinarian knew about this option and offered it as an alternative to the cone. We are so relieved and thankful!

~ Amber C

We just purchased our 2nd cover for Max who has very bad skin allergies. This stops all the scratching and biting. No more hot spots , scabs or infections! We use this in conjunction with vet prescribed shampoo and he’s great!! Highly recommend this cover/onesie!! Thank you Tulane’s Closet!

~ Michele D

Finnegan is recovering very well from having seven mass cell tumors removed…he has massive stitches covering his while body and would be VERY uncomfortable if he had to also be in a Finnegan Miller-Kain (7 tumors) e-collar….he loves his Cover Me by Tui …thank you so much!!!! Such an awesome product!

~ Finnegan’s Mom

We are so grateful to have found the Cover Me by Tui. This is Duke’s second ACL surgery and we didn’t want to have to rely on the e-collar. He runs into walls, has trouble sleeping and can’t easily eat or drink when wearing the e-collar and looks quite pathetic. We just received his ‘pajamas’ today and he is slowly getting used to them. I am so happy to to have found this option and I know he will be too.

~ Kristina M

Cones are cruel. The full onesie is perfect for after surgery or with allergies. As soon as I put it on my dog he calms right down and stops licking and chewing. Miracle worker. It gives his body time to heal. I recommend it to all my friends.

~ Marie H

Buddy has been struggling, poor guy! Endless scratching and licking which means no rest for him or ME!

I was going crazy on what to do but I remembered I had his COVER ME by Tui garment downstairs and as soon as I put it on him he immediately relaxed and was comfy. He finally was able to sleep and so was I ! Thank you Tulane’s Closet SOOOOOOO much! Truly a multi use garment that is a real life saver!

~ Leslye P

Even our employee pets wear Cover Me by Tui! Louie belongs to our Client Relations Specialist Gaby! He was recently groomed and had some skin irritation. Louie’s Cover Me helps prevent him from licking/scratching and making his skin irritation worse.

~ Mission Pet Emergency

I have the black Newfoundland with all the allergy problems. We ordered two of these the other day and life has changed completely. I had nine bandages on him on Friday and I had to take him everywhere with me including to the bathroom, I take him to bed with me; I don’t hood him in a cone, but I never let him out of my sight. We’ve had no life – no sleep – and I’m up constantly throughout the night with him.
I put his Cover Me on him on Saturday and I am here to tell you last night, it was a short sleep but the best decent sleep I’ve had in two years. I can’t thank you enough for these. I’m about to order four more.

He didn’t even try to chew. He loved it! He stood there while I put it on. He went right to sleep and he slept on his back the whole day – all through the night. I took him out once to potty. He just rolls right over on his back and I do up the potty flap and off we go!

This is unbelievable! I’m telling you… I’ve gotta talk to you because I’ve got to know what the secret is.

I know he creates the problem when he licks and I always spray with apple cider vinegar and patch it. This he never even tried to lick. IT IS AMAZING! Our life is going to be so much better….oh thank you very much! This is going to be good.

Thank you so much for this product. I’m going to tell every breeder and every veterinarian I can find all about these!!!Zen in yellow

~ Janice A

I appreciate you caring enough about our “furbabies” to make this great product! I absolutely love it, the quality is fabulous and Twinkle is a much happier boy!

~ Jackie C

High quality, well designed, thought out and constructed. Bought this for our dog, Sobe, an 80 lb mutt having tumors removed. Rather than torture him with the Cone of Shame, I wanted something more comfortable for him. The step-into design is pretty easy to get on and off. There are lots of ways to adjust for better fit. The roll-up, snap up potty feature is great. While this has long sleeves, we were able to roll them up to make short sleeves. So glad I found this!

High quality, well designed, thought out and constructed.

PERFECT! I ordered this same day and it came around 11 hours after I placed the order, which was very quick! Exceeded my expectations. My 9-10 LB’s chihuahua mix fit perfectly into a small. I’m so happy with it. The material is very soft, and breathable. Even the pattern is adorably cute. I love how I can adjust the snaps for when she has to pee or poo. Extremely functional, and the best way to go over any cone they try to put them in.

5.0 out of 5 stars It’s PERFECT in every way!

Just used this for our puppy’s neuter and I am so glad we did! Amazing product that he didn’t mind wearing and is healing perfectly. Thank you for making such a high quality product for those of us whose pets are family! I showed our breeder and she was so impressed. Thank you so very much!!!

~ Katy C

I ordered one of these amazing pet surgical garments from you and now I want to sell them for you at all the west coast veterinarian offices, pet supply stores etc. My vets office already ordered one but no one had ever heard of this before. I am a seasoned sales rep within both the pet industry as well as consumer goods. I know this may seem like it’s coming out of left field but I have had three dogs with major surgeries, cancer, tumors, liver tumors , and did not get any sleep for weeks. Once I ordered this product from you I never had to put the cone on and I got some sleep! I fully endorse your product but to be honest, I had never heard of it before I saw it on twitter. I am very well known in the pet industry here in San Diego and no one I talked to had ever heard of it or seen it either. No matter what, I will highly endorse your product to my friends. I have a service dog named Ike who was the most recent patient. He is so smart he has gotten out of every cone on the planet. He didn’t mind the Cover-Me at all!

~ Jennifer B

Kindness Animal Hospital in Colorado says: We love “Cover Me, and so do our patients!”

Kennel full of Cover Me's furry friends at Kindness Animal Hospital

~ Dr. Lodahl, DVM

It worked so much better after surgery than the plastic cones. I also found it calms my beagle. He gets very excited when guests come over but if I put him in the "coat" he calms right down.

~ Sarah P

Thank you so very much for going above and beyond helping me fit Lola. I am so thankful she doesn’t have to wear the “Cone of Shame!” I recommend this to any pet owner who loves their pets and wants the best for them after surgery or any other reason to prevent them from touching an area that they can’t for awhile. These also makes great PJ’s for them.

~ Patty S

Really wonderful dog onesie. It was a big hit up here in North Vancouver, BC. It shipped really quickly and arrived the day of spay surgery. It’s very soft I have washed it twice and every stain vanished. The patient is much more comfortable and not a hassle for the rest of us. Thanks

~ Sara K, Canada

My dog had surgery on her belly and a cone or e-collar was recommended. Unfortunately, my dog tried to attack her stitches, so she needed something. I tried the e-collar and she tolerated it until bedtime. She couldn’t get comfortable and was miserable. I searched online for what to do and found Tulane’s Closet. I found a vet in my area carrying it and my dog is so much happier. She was able to sleep through the night and is so comfortable! I’m one happy dog momma and so thankful!

~ Jenny N

I am sending a picture of my 14 year cockapoo who was diagnosed with Cushing Disease two months ago. Part of this dx is frequent drinking and urination and incontinence. After having tried several doggie diapers that I couldn’t keep on her. I decided to try a onesie with an incontinence pad inside. Eureka -it worked!!! No more leaking during the night, no more daily bedding wash, etc! Hopefully the incontinence will go away when the medicine kicks in. Until then -we will continue to wear our cute pink outfit.
Thank you so much!

~ Susan C

I have all 3 colors. Great investment and means my girl can’t scratch at her allergies.

~ Miel

Stephanie, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time, after hours, to ship your ingenious product! It fits beautifully, thank you!!!

~ Nancy F

Meet Samuel, a handsome, 9-year-old Great Pyrenees, who recently had a mass removal done by Dr. Suttle. Samuel’s owner purchased a “Cover Me” by Tui, instead of relying on the typical e-collar, to protect his incision. Cover Me Jumpers can be used for a variety of situations, for example: protecting surgical sites, hot spots & allergy irritations. It’s a breathable garment w/a built-in potty cover. More information on this product can be found at Tulane’s Closet on Facebook! It is a super-cute alternative to the often dreaded e-collar & looks adorable on your pet!

~ Ark Veterinary Hospital, Wooster OH

Thank you so much for the very generous donation of 7 Tuis! Our foster parents are so excited about using them as a substitute for e-collars, which stresses out the dogs wearing the collars, the other dogs in the foster homes and the foster parents. We will email/send pictures of our next round of fosters after they are spayed/neutered. Thanks for the quick response and great customer service.

~ Hart-2-Heart Rescue

I just wanted to send a note to let you know that the XL Cover Me I ordered fits my pup great—and the sleeve came down far enough over her elbow to cover the area we need to be protected. It was really easy to put on her and she seems pretty comfy in it. I’m attaching photographic evidence so you can see for yourself how great it looks on her. : )

Thanks for this great alternative to the dreaded cone. I am so glad that I heard about your company!!!

~ Christine D

My big energetic pit-lab-Great Dane mix is too crazy for a cone (really! He has canine obsessive disorder) and he was able to get to his wound site just behind his shoulder despite a t-shirt secured at his waist. I saw an article in our newspaper on Cover-Me and ordered one immediately. I think he looks like a thoroughbred race horse. Very stylish! I am taking a flyer to my vet to suggest they order these or at least let people know about this great alternative to the “cone of shame.” I just wish there were more color choices. Thank you!

~ Jenny K & Thibeaux

Tulane’s is the best. Stephanie worked with me to make the giant size fit my Newfie boy better. The BEST customer service. They even extended the underneath flap to accommodate all his hair that was making it too tight.

~ Lynne B

My Sweet Atticus, Rough Coat Collie… Loved his. We purchased it for his surgery and it worked great. Thx!

~ Dar N

‎Thank you so much for the Cover Me donation from Fido’s in Alpharetta. Hannah is an orphan with Adopt a Golden Atlanta and has severe megaesophagus that requires her to be fed with a feeding tube. Needless to say it's very challenging to keep her and her playmates from pulling it out and your Cover Me is a great product for her.

~ Laura M

Just want you to know that the onesie is really a great alternative to the cone for my Molly. She likes wearing it. I bought large but probably should have gone with XL since she is just 1″ longer than the measurements you had shown for this size. But due to the fact that it is very soft it’s not a problem. I also am glad I bought 2 so that I can wash one and switch her to the other as needed.

~ Lucy K

This is such a fabulous product. Please keep making them! I’ve told my veterinarians all about the onesies. : )

I have the step in Cover Me and used it on my sister’s dog that is under my care at this time after she had some sebaceous cysts removed from different parts of her body. She once ripped a soft cone to shreds and can be obsessive with licking and chewing so I didn’t know if this would work or not but I decided to buy this product when she was scheduled for the above surgery hoping it would give some protection in several hard to cover areas but allow her to relax as well. It’s so effective I am amazed!!

I will say that if I am unable to observe the dog (left the dog home alone or when caretakers are asleep), I still put a cone on to be sure the animal didn’t tear the garment and damage itself “just in case”. But when a person can be around and the dog is up and active, there is nothing better than this. I think the animal is much safer than it is with a cone when it cannot see stairs or what is beside it, etc.

It’s easy to use. A dog who does not “wear clothes” normally hardly seems to even notice that it’s on. Dog has very free and easy movement. I’ve noticed no rubbing or chafing etc.

I’ve seen no irritation with sutures at surgical sites no matter where they are located. ( This dog is long haired so that could affect this issue as well).
Dog began licking at surgical sites when it had nothing on. The Cover Me was put on and she IMMEDIATELY stopped attempting to lick those areas. This continued as long as the garment was on but licking resumed if I took it off.

Dog seems to be comforted by having it on. I wonder if it is like the Thundershirt effect except it is not so tight? At any rate, the dog is soothed and peaceful wearing it.

I rinsed out blood stains easily and it washed and dried well. It’s so versatile. No matter where the dog has a treatment area, it’ll be covered in comfort except for the very lower part of the legs. Dog readily comes to allow it to be put on – no struggle or uneasiness. It’s great that it can be left on while the dog urinates. : )

It stays put. There is NO shifting into odd positions that would be dangerous or uncomfortable. I love this product! When the dog goes home to my sister, this will go with her and I hate to see it go since my dog is the same size.! If needed, I’d get one for my dog.

NOTE: For a dog who has little hair or who gets chilly when sleeping, this would be a great help as well.

Thank you for making this. It’s a Godsend.

~ Laura U

Length of XXL is perfect! Working well and she loves sleeping in warm PJ’s! I will share the brochure with my vets. Kudos to you for developing a much needed item.

~ Barbara D

We are still using the XL size for our Eskimo/Samoyed mix. It does wonders for her Arizona allergies. He doesn’t scratch when he is wearing his “PJ’s.”

~ Ellen P

I purchased one for my Goddog – it is wonderful. The long-sleeved one really protects her surgery sites

~ Kathryn T

So grateful that a friend told me about the Cover Me by Tui. Not only did it keep my dog from licking a hot spot it seemed to calm him as well. I bought one and when I had to wash it I had to go back for a second one. By the way, they wash beautifully. It is a wonderful substitute for the cone. I am sharing the info with my vets, too. PS. The people in the office are fantastic!

~ Janie W

This is my male, 18-month-old, Great Dane, Teller. A cone after surgery would have to be massive, would have rendered him unable to fit through doorways, and would have risked further injury as he’s startled easily. We kept imagining him banging the cone on a door frame or wall, getting spooked and as a result, running or jumping, which is so bad after surgery. So, we bought him a Cover Me to wear after his neuter and gastropexy (2 incision sites), our vet clinic was in LOVE with the idea and how adorable it was! Teller is absolutely comfortable wearing this, and I’m so impressed with the ease of the Cover Me’s potty flap! It takes less than a minute to roll it out of the way for him to go outside and do his business. It completely protects his surgical sites and more importantly for him, he’s comfortable, which is definitely something the cone of shame could never offer him! Thank you so much for making this, and an extra thank you for remembering the extra large dogs out there, and making it in their size!

~ Teller’s Family

I recently ordered the “Cover Me Step-In Adjustable Fit” for my Jack Russell Terrorist (LOL), and I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. My pup suffers from separation anxiety, sometimes even when people do happen to be there but they just so happen to not be petting/talking to her, and she will lick/chew herself raw. I have tried many things to keep her calm and content, and this onesie tops them all! Initially, she walked funny and looked hilariously awkward in it, but, in no time at all, she looked so comfortable, very calm, and curled right up to take a snooze while we went about our business. No more licking, no more scratching. Awesome! And fast shipping too! I only wish I had known about you guys sooner so as to spare my pup any more anxiety.

~ Jolene A

Thank you so much for exchanging the onesie. My dog Pebbles loves it!! She just had a permanent cystostomy tube connecting to her bladder placed on her inner leg area as well as some stitches. I knew baby onesies would not be enough room for her, so I am so glad I found your store! She normally hates clothes, but for some reason she has not tried to rip off this onesie! Thanks again!!!

~ Vanessa B

The Cover Me by Tui fit so well. The tiny little old man gets so cold in the AC and in the winter, but most items don’t cover his joints or force him to bend his sore legs (arthritic joints) to get in them. Thanks for making a quality product.

~ All that Razz

Highly recommended! The customer service is amazing. Very professional and polite. Tulane’s Closet goes above and beyond, to make sure you’re happy and your baby has the correct size. Shipping is lightning fast. We purchased these after our Chihuahua’s spay and she still wears them as jammies, when it’s cold. She looks adorable. She loves them and enjoys wearing them. They’re made so durable and they’re soft and really comfortable. They look like expensive designer clothing. We’ve received so many compliments. Thank you!

~ Cherie A

My dog was having surgery and a cone was advised, I think a cone can add stress to the dog. I googled alternatives to a cone and found the site, I emailed with a question and received a phone call back with my answer! Very personal customer service which is almost unheard of now. I ordered the shirt Monday afternoon with the standard 2-3 day mailing received Wed AM. Fits perfect, The potty panel couldn’t be easier and her incision area on belly is completely covered.. I couldn’t be happier with entire experience and product most important she is comfortable and protected…thank you!

~ Sondra Z

This step-into onesie was the absolute best way to keep our newly spayed pup from licking her incision. She would not wear the cone, but since we couldn’t keep an eye on her in the middle of the night, we wanted something for her to sleep in that would be comfortable. The onesie is very good quality, and feels just like a baby onesie. The snap buttons held firm and I was impressed with the terry cloth material that the undercarriage flap consisted of. so I’m very pleased we purchased this.

~ Lindsey H

Was a bit large for my little one, but the adjustable snaps took care of that. No cone of shame for my princess. Wonderful product!!

~ D. Wight

WONDERFUL….no need to use one of those silly cones for your dog when they have a surgery or an injury. This works great. It has a small area that you can remove when they have to go potty…then it snaps right back on. GREAT product and glad they make it!

Among the many injuries and suture sites my little dog had a horrific injury at her shoulder/neck area which required a drain. The location of that specific wound prevented me from allowing her to wear a traditional “cone”. I was so concerned about preventing infection as well as affording her the most comfort I could. Her Cover Me was perfect!!

I am happy and thankful to say my precious, little girl is all healed and loving life again!

THANK YOU!!! These garments were lifesavers! And infection preventers! And also looked adorable!

~ Kathleen, CA

Awesome product! As a veterinarian, I recommend this very comfortable and easy to get into garment for my post surgical patients. Have had favorable comments from my clients.

~ Dr. Bauer, DVM

I cried when I opened my package to find not just one replacement “Cover Me”, but TWO?!? I am disabled and I put my pets before myself in some regards. (I feed them before myself when money’s too tight to mention.)

A gift like that from a total stranger renews my faith in humans. And your product renews my faith in the fact that there are still “for profit” companies that CARE about their customers and the quality of their product. I wish you and your company the best of luck in your future endeavors!

~ Laura P

Best employees in the world to deal with especially when your animal REALLY needs one of their products………they are there for you.

~ Ellen P

So much better than the E-collar and the blow up one didn't work - she was still able to lick her hind leg.

Hershey had ACL surgery. Her new outfit keeps her away from the incision and is very comfortable.

I think we all will sleep much better!! Thank you!

~ Kim Q

Gertie is getting ready for her surgery next week. Thankful for her Cover Me by Tui that will keep her incision protected while she recovers

~ Melanie J

I only WISH I had the words to thank you for your genius invention and your expedient delivery!!! It fits perfectly, is made of beautiful quality materials, and constructed with a stroke of genius! My baby boy took his first multiple hour nap in three days!!! (Did I mention it’s the first sleep I got in the last 3 days myself?! Thank you so much, Tulane’s Closet!

~ Laura P

I purchased your product and it has worked great for my Sheltie after surgery. He really loves it as opposed to the cone which he hated. Ok – looks crazy but this is one of the neatest things since sliced bread. Tex had surgery and I have bought 2 different collars to protect his stitches. One worked but he hated it. The other one he tolerated but didn’t stop him from licking and chewing on stitches. I found this and he loves it and it’s working great. I ordered off amazon but there is a larger selection at the web site on the label pictured below. Now, all the other dogs are wanting one too.

~ Lanelle, TX

I bought this when my baby was spayed. It was wonderful !! It not only kept her from her incision but her sister from it too. Not to mention no cone. It was easy for her to eat and drink. She slept with me and it was nice and cozy.

~ Lisa B

Highly highly highly recommend this was the best thing I’ve ever seen and it worked tremendously for 2 weeks!

~ Gayle S

I wanted to send a note thanking you for the “rapid response” in getting Marley his body suit. It was like having a new dog after removing the E-collar and slipping him into his new togs, you have a fan. Great product, thanks.

P.S. I just ordered a second outfit to use as a change of clothes for the next few weeks.

~ Dennis, CA

Highly recommend it!!!! I bought 2. One to wash, one to wear. Without one my elderly pup scratches herself raw. Has given her back her quality of life!! We are both forever grateful for Tulane’s Closet❤

~ Michelle W

Just want to say WOW, I was shocked when I received a notification only 15 minutes after placing my order that my Cover Me by Tui had been shipped. Talk about FAST! It arrived a day later, as expected. My little Boogey had his neuter this morning and let me put it on him once he got home.

~ Courtney V

Sweet! It’s so nice to have something that actually fits a dog’s body.

~ Kathryn T

Saved my elderly dog from scratching herself raw due to severe allergies. Forever grateful;) Ordering an extra today!

~ Michele W

I ordered two onezies for my 9 year old Chocolate Lab, Rosie. She had a fatty mass removed that required 10 sutures. Before the onezie, the e-collar did NOT work. She took ALL of her sutures out, and we had to take her back to the Vet, to have the wound Re-sutured, with drains put in place. She was a mess!

I got the onezies, and I must tell you there are some amazing features that surprised me.

1.) How easy they are to snap up.
2.) How easy they are to put on my dog.
3.) How easy they are to wash! I had to soak them in cold water, (to remove blood from the drain).
4.) I used a small amount of bleach on the blood spots, and it did NOT alter the color of the yellow onezie!
5.) I switched the onezies every other day, in order to wash them.

It worked perfectly! I am delighted with this product, and Rosie seems to understand the procedure now. She is so cute, when she lifts up her paw, so that I can put her onezie on her.

She even pick up her back leg for me!!!! I will send pictures of Rosie in her onezie! Thank you for offering such a great product!

~ Saundra A, NY

Oh my gosh, are you kidding me?! I came home today to find a lovely package from you with a replacement Tui for my little Tiny, including a very sweet little note card. Both were a wonderful surprise, it is so nice to get a hand written note these days! Within minutes of putting your product on him he went right to sleep, no more digging at his sore spots. Thank you so much! I have already shared your materials with my groomer, a breeder, & a local vet. You are Awesome!

~ Marilyn & Tiny

Thanks so much Stephanie. She was my constant companion for 13 years and I miss her terribly. She had surgery a few months back for mast cell cancer on her rear leg. I had ordered another Cover Me up a few weeks back and she loved it. I think it made her feel safe like her Thundershirt and she didn’t have to wear that stupid cone anymore. I love your product and will recommend it to all of my dog friends. Thanks again for your excellent customer service and a wonderful product.

~ Linda B

We received our order this week and are just absolutely thrilled with your product. I’m forwarding an email I just wrote to the director of “Camp Cocker Rescue”- a canine rescue in California where we adopted our dogs from. As you’ll read below, Oliver has suffered from paraphimosis for a long time with no relief from his cone. Your onesies will free him of the constant discomfort he’s had to endure (hence the large order you’ll see submitted tonight- we want to order in bulk now that we know his size :).

I hope this brings you further business and thank you for your amazing product. We couldn’t be happier!

~ Christina, AZ

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with Elmo's Cover Me. He had some tumors removed from his ribs, so the surgical site is actually multiple sires, all down his left flank.

He panics in a hard cone, and tee shirts still allow him access to some of the incisions.

We got his Cover Me today. He is finally relaxing. Thank you again!

~ Judy B. & Elmo

Thank you so much for sending the pamphlets for your wonderful post surgical garments. I’ll be distributing them to local veterinarians and friends in the Charleston area. My retired agility Border Collie required emergency surgery for a ruptured spleen and thankfully I remembered seeing your products advertised in Animal Wellness magazine and promptly ordered one. We were so happy when it arrived and it exceeded our expectations!! I know that many post op pups may need an E-collar post-op but most likely do not and they can be downright cumbersome and make a tough situation even more tough. Another reason it was a Godsend was that it prevented my dog from scratching the incisional area, something an E-collar can not prevent. I also have a friend who works in a Vet dermatology clinic who sees many pups who could benefit from your covers to help prevent licking and scratching sensitive skin. I can’t thank you enough!

~ Kimberly P, SC

Our Boxer/Great Dane mix had to have an ACL surgery this past Christmas, and there was no way that he could wear the awful “cone of shame”. He was already hurting and depressed and the cone only made it worse. The first few nights after surgery we got no sleep at all, because he did not sleep. Then our vet, Dr. Corse at Northlake Veterinary Surgery, sent home your pajamas with us on a recheck visit and they were a miracle. Bonzo never tried to chew or lick the incision, he seemed very content wearing the pajamas and we got sleep!! I have highly recommended them to friends- we never plan to use a cone again!! I have attached a photo of Bonzo in the pj’s he loves so much. Thank you!!

~ Sally M, GA

What a fantastic idea! I read about this from a “friend” on a Pap blog – she got it from her vet. My sister’s Chi, Horton, was being neutered today and she was feeling terrible about putting an E Collar on a 2 1/2 lb. dog. Can you blame her? Long story short (or is it too late!), I emailed my sister with a link to your site. I just heard from her and she ordered one. Thanks so much for offering this wonderful alternative – it’s a win-win – smiles for all!

~ Linda M

I just received “Cover me by Tui” for my Coton de tulear, Max. He’s 20″ long and weighs 20 lbs. The size medium with adjustable snaps, fits well. Max went right to sleep after donning his new pj’s, and now I don’t have to worry about him licking stitches on his hind leg after a recent surgery. A much better alternative to the plastic cone!
I’m very pleased, and will pass this information on to Max’s Veterinarian. Thanks for a great product!

~ Donna W, Texas

Abbey has had a nasty fatty tumor removed and we have used Cover Me by Tui instead of the collar of shame. Much happier owners and doggie!

~ LaRae R

They work!!! Just ask No more 24/7 itching!!

~ Lucia W

Just came from a Vet check up and got so many comments about my 6lb dogs “pj’s”. My vet was so impressed w/ how my dogs skin allergy looked. Perfectly healed from no scratching!! TY Tulane’s Closet!!

~ Michelle W

Thank you for your excellent customer service in getting our order to us quickly. What a relief! Not only does it do the trick in protecting the surgical site but it seems to have a calming effect on Fred (and his family) as well! We will share your brochure with our vet.

~ Mary, Dale & Fred

Harley loved her post op jammies!! Your product was so much more comfortable for her than the white, plastic cone the vet expected us to use. Thank you!

~ Jennifer P

Our little Maggie enjoyed wearing her Cover Me garment after her spay and it was such a pleasure not having to deal with the awful E-collars.
Thank you!

~ Leigh S

HAPPY PUPPY!!!! Received my Cover Me yesterday for our 7 month old boxer mix who was spayed a few days ago. She HATED the E-collar!!!!! She LOVES her Cover Me!!!! So easy to put on and we ALL got a good night’s sleep for the first time in 3 days!!!! Thank you so much!!!

~ Pat M

Spooky had a lump removed on his side and was trying to bite his stitches. This did the trick…much better than a cone! Thank you so much!!

~ Nancy, MO

Thank you for your service. You kept Dino very comfortable during his recovery. The Cover Me by Tui has been a god send!

~ Sue G

We love the onesie, it has been so helpful after my Oliver’s surgery. Great preventative from licking. This was our savior! Thanks again!

~ Bridgette, MI

Today Cheyenne’s Onesie was in the mail !!! I am sooooo happy with it. It fits great – even with her big chest – the back legs are long enough and she looks super cute in it.

Now I can finally leave the house without being scared that she will lick her leg and at night I can sleep again.

Thank you again for the nice phone call and all those nice helpful emails.

Here a picture with Cheyenne and her new onesie.

~ Cristiana M

I can’t believe you don’t have a presence in every substantial surgical hospital out there. This is a real lifesaver. Lucas waits patiently while I handle the flap/snaps, easy peezie. The material is so soft, it makes it nice to pet and love the pup while he’s resting. And he’s doing that plenty.There really are no words to tell you how blessed we are to have it. It would have been a real tough scene trying to do something makeshift , and we can leave the house feeling good that he is comfy and not likely to work on the surgical area. All the best … may you make it big time.

~ Andrew, Maryland

Love your products! Tried this one on my deaf/blind collie mix, Dakota, who is also partially paralyzed in her back legs. Thought it would help prevent pressure and friction sores from her lying down so much and dragging herself on the floor. Also worked well today when Dakota urinated on herself and then slept in it. The Cover Me kept her dry and clean! Thank you so much! This is the first thing that will stay on Dakota and it works so well and looks so cute. Will definitely order some more!

~ Kimberly M

I received Vancey’s onsies’ in the mail today. I put one on him so he could to get used to wearing it before he goes for surgery – but it turns out he doesn’t need to “get used to it.” He’s perfectly comfortable in it, going to the bathroom, napping, walking up and down the stair. Thank you so much. I will send photos soon!

~ Emily, Canada

We got Zoey (on the left) some puppy onesies, so that she’d stop messing with her skin lesions & leave the ointment alone. I decided to get two in case we needed to wash one, so for a photographic moment we put her littermate Daphne in the other one. So freakin’ cute, and amazingly helpful! These Great Danes are 100 to 110 pounds and are wearing the XXL size. Fits very well.

~ Jessica S

There are my girls!!! They LOVE their Cover Me’s…so nice & soft! Plus,I don’t think I could stand having to put a cone on these babies after their surgery!!! Peace of mind for me! Thanks so much!!!”I showed the cover ups to some of the staff & a client @ my vets office & left the brochures for them. They were very impressed!!!

~ Kathy S

I ordered my TUI a few days ago and I LOVE IT!!!!! I am attaching some photos I took of Bailey in her TUI. You are more than welcome to share them on facebook! I was not sure if you wanted me to post to your facebook or not. She is a German/Shepard Hound mix with severe allergies.

Tonight was the first night she has not been scratching/licking herself. She can finally relax. Thank you so much!!

~ Michelle M

We received our order last week for our English setter that suffers from severe allergies and we love it! I am so glad I found this product. I can put medication on her tummy and she can’t lick it off! Its perfect. Thank you so much!

~ Kelley M

Wonderful product! Sophie was spayed today and did not have to wear the e-collar. She doesn’t know how lucky she is, but I do. Thank you! Just ordered a 2nd one.

~ Kathy G

Belle loves her new Cover Me !!! Thank you … no more cone!!

~ Tabata B.

Winky’s little blue sleeper came today! He was at the vet’s all day – had to have FOUR TEETH pulled! Right now he’s back home sleeping on the sofa, and I put his new blue sleeper on him – it fits him perfectly – and it arrived just in time for his return home today! Thank you – it is so beautiful and soft – Winky just loves it – and he says thank you, and sends many kisses!

~ Linda, Ohio

They work!!! Just ask Lucia Walley No more 24/7 itching!!

~ Lucia W

Just received our order! We Can not thank you enough for such a great invention. Our Rocko was just neutered on Thursday and he was NOT happy wearing the cone. Besides, we didn’t like seeing him bang into everything. We received his “cover Me’ in ONE day! He Loves it & so do we!!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

~ Kimberly N

Exquisite says, “Thank you for having your booth at CVC so that my mommy bought me this wonderful set of pajamas after my tumor surgery. Now I don’t have to wear the CONE OF SHAME!!!” She is doing greyt. LOVE THE PRODUCT!!! Recommending it to all of our clients. – at Melynn’s Greyhound Retirement Home & Cat House.

~ Melynn S

Received my shirt for my dog Maddy. It came right on time and Maddy is doing well with it on. Love the design and the protection it provides. Thanks so much for a wonderful product and getting it to me so quickly. Will pass on the info about your product to my friends with pets.

~ Carol C, NJ

I just got one for my Miss Bixby as she is having surgery next week. It fits great and I know she will be more comfortable in it than the head cone. Thanks for getting it here in one day.

~ Janet J

Phoebe’s Cover Me arrived and it has made a HUGE difference for her and her people too. No one got any sleep when Phoebe was wearing the “cone of shame” that the vet provided to keep her from bothering her cast. She kept trying to get comfortable in her crate and the resulting clangs and bangs kept everyone up all night. She actually tried to sleep sitting up! No rest for the recovering dog or her people!

The Cover Me solved this problem. It’s easy to put on Phoebe and she hasn’t bothered her cast at all. She can eat and drink and isn’t banging into furniture anymore. Best of all we don’t have a dog who is up all night trying to get comfortable. She became Miss Mellow Dog shortly after the Cover Me went on. Phoebe is finally getting the rest she needs. We don’t miss the “cone of shame” at all!

Thanks for making a great product. I left the pamphlets you included with my order with our regular vet and the specialist who did Phoebe’s surgery.

~ Karen P, NH

We received Scruffy’s coverup yesterday – thank you for the quick shipping, she really needed it fast! She wore it last night for the first time. She had the best night she has had in months. She can wear it all the time, with ease, and she is able to do anything she wants to do. She loves her coverup and we are so grateful! I just placed an order for another, so we will have one for her to wear when we launder the other one. Many thanks!

~ Jane, NC

Just got our tui today and what a great product….our 97lb German shepherd’s staples were removed and the incision had not healed so had to have stitches put back in so another 10 days or more with the cone which she hated started searching and found this and it is such a relief that she can at least be comfortable even if she looks a bit funny!!! Thanks so much!!!!!”

~ Angel M

Thank you for making your post surgical garment. My beagle, Lucky, is less than one year old and due to either trauma or a congenital issue, he is mostly blind. After being attacked by a relative’s dog, Lucky had surgery/stitches and the e-collar was so traumatic to my little blind dog. Since, then I’ve heard other horror stories for pet owners regarding the e collar. Rather than the e collar, I watched him constantly during the day and at night I ‘rigged’ a t-shirt for him to wear but he would ‘houdini’ out of the t shirt each night. I was like a kid waiting for Christmas watching the mail each day waiting for his Tui garment!

~ Margaret F, MI

I LOVE it. I really think that this is the comfortable solution to keeping a diaper on our little Chihuahua. It fits great with the use of the snaps that adjust the fit. You should advertise it to hold diapers in place for incontinent dogs or dogs that are not fully potty trained along with being an alternative to the cone! And the potty piece that you can unsnap is great for when she goes outside!

~ Sheryl G, MN

Our clients used to fight us about the need for an e-collar to keep their allergic pets from causing damage to the skin by chewing, licking, and biting. Now, when we recommend a Cover Me by Tui for one of our patients and we try one on for the owner, the owner usually ends up buying 2!

~ Pittsburgh Veterinary Dermatology

We offer the Tui as an effective alternative to the old fashioned e-collar, for all of our post-op patients. The pet parents love the fact that they don’t have to worry about the pet knocking over lamps and other valuables with the big, bulky collars and the patients are more comfortable when wearing the Tui. We enjoy seeing the smiles on the pet parents’ faces when they come to pick their pets up from the clinic and revel in the fact that our surgical patients have a pep in their step when they walk out of the clinic. There is no longer a reason for pets to endure the embarrassment that comes with wearing the cone of shame!

~ Dr. Michealle Hobler DVM, Milliken Animal Clinic Milliken, CO.

What a life saver!!! We brought Melody home from the hospital this morning after surgery on her knee. The incision down the inside of her left leg is very long and must be protected from her nibbling. She came home with the E-collar and was agitated and unable to get comfortable. She tried to sleep in her pen, sitting upright, and was unable to drink from her bucket of water. She spent several hours whimpering, whining, and wiggling. Finally, the mailman rang the doorbell and he delivered the package from Heaven. Who would have thought that a onesie could change the world?!!!
I have sent a link to your site to the 4th year vet med student we have been working with. Is there any kind of packet of wholesale information that you could provide for us to present to the director of the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital where we go for surgery? I think they should be very interested. Thank you again.

~ Lynne H, IL

Brilliant product! Made Bootsie’s recoveries from both knee surgeries much less stressful on both Mom and patient.

~ K Thompson

THANK YOU THANK YOU! We just received our cover for Bella. She stepped in a ground hornet nest last summer and was stung on the front paw and back stifle. Since then it has been a nightmare with lick granulomas. Bella will have surgery on Tuesday to remove the callus and see if we can get these spots healed. Since she is my service dog a cone is out of the question. Her cover fits wonderfully and she loves it. Thank you so much for the option of NO CONE. God bless.”

~ Julie W, IN

It arrived and she is sleeping comfortably. Thank you so much. You all ROCK!!!!!!

~ Lori Y

Thumbs up!

~ Suzanne S

Great product and fantastic customer service!

~ Krista K

The Cover me arrived this morning! Wow, what speed! They are beautifully made and fit perfectly. There is nothing that pulls or is too tight anywhere, and I’m SO impressed. The Cover me will also fit Ambey when he is neutered which is great so no cone of shame for either of them. I really can’t thank you enough- for the Cover me themselves and also your kindness and patience throughout.

~ Gerry, U.K.

I Received the Cover me yesterday. It works great! I will send you pictures of Clyde. Thanks again so much!!!! I’m so glad I found your website!

~ Betsy

I actually bought this Cover me for a pitbull puppy named Doobie. I have been petsitting for a friend while he tries to get his home puppy proofed. I took little Doobie recently to get fixed and had brought him home in a horrible e-collar! This thing was both uncomfortable to Doobie and to the rest of the humans that occupy my home. I put the Cover me on Doobie and he was so happy!! He also has a rash from the grass outside and had been biting himself prior to surgery so his Cover me helped with two different needs. I love it and so does little Doobie. Thank you for the super fast shipment!

~ Adrian, CA

I absolutely LOVE your product! It works beautifully and is definitely the best solution to the e-collar. I also want to let you know how much you impressed me with – not only your professionalism, but how much you care about your customers’ needs. It is rare to find a company that would go to the lengths that you did to make me, the customer, happy! I wish you great success with your business! You deserve it!

~ Marilyn S, NH

You are so wonderful Stephanie…..thank you very very much for your kindness. I will definitely spread the word around that you are the best! Please hold Twylah in your prayers as she goes in on Friday to have the ruptured tumor removed.

~ Blessings, Cindy (Twylah thanks you too)

I used your fabulous Cover me for about a week to protect a surgical site on one of my rescue Italian Greyhounds and it worked PERFECTLY! The little guy was so much more comfortable wearing the Cover me garment as opposed to wearing any sort of e-collar. I’ve tried all of the varieties of e-collars on my dogs and not one of them has been accepted easily by the dogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful alternative to the old-fashioned e-collars!

~ Barb C, Chicago, IL

What a wonderful, unique garment! Gracie wore her Cover me by Tui from the moment we picked her up after T.P.L.O. surgery, until after her sutures were removed 10 days later. It worked miracles! She did not attempt to lick or chew her incision and it really seemed to be a huge comfort to her, which was an extra bonus! The Cover me quality is exceptional, and the design is very well thought out. I wouldn’t change a thing-except to have ordered two! Thank you so much for your marvelous product and excellent customer service.

~ Terri D, VA

We love the Cover me by Tui’s here at our hospital and our clients are crazy about them! We have found many uses for the Cover me by Tui!! Thank you again so much!!

~ Pet Vet on Patton, NC

I just wanted to let you know my little Sophie had her surgery and is doing very well with her Cover me by Tui. It’s just FANTASTIC!!!!! She is so comfortable and it is very easy to unsnap for her to go potty. The Cover me by Tui has kept her from itching and licking. It's doing a great job!! Thank you so very much for your Wonderful product!! I’m so thankful she didn’t have to use the e-collar!!

~ A Very Big Hug from Sophie and her Mom, Cora, WA

Thank you so much! It has been such a relief to so many people and their pets. Folks are so happy when their dog comes out in a Cover me by Tui. We do the fitting here at the hospital and have not run into any dogs that couldn’t be fitted. Thanks again! Brilliant!!

Loved the Tui for my Gabby’s post surgery. The Vet handed the usual torture device lampshade when I picked her up after being spayed. I handed it back and put her little yellow “jammies” on her. They worked perfectly. Keeping her away from the surgery site. Thanks for having such a wonderful and thoughtful product for our little loved ones!

My dog was neutered recently and I wanted to find a softer alternative than those horrible cones! I wish the Vets would offer more choices than just a hard plastic cone. I would pay more if it meant my baby would be a lot more comfortable. I absolutely LOVE the “Cover Me”!!! It’s very easy to put on and the cotton material is so soft and lightweight… just like a baby onesie! and he hasn’t been able to reach his incision! If the Vet had offered a choice between this and the standard cone.. I would have opted to get the Cover Me without hesitation.

Thank you for creating this line of clothing. A solution to help our pets. So cozy and practical!

5 out of 5 stars Cones….No More! What a comfortable way for a puppy to recover from surgery. Creative item that works well! Heavy lining in the snapped portion will absorb accidents. Probably worth buying two, so one is always available.

I want to thank you again for taking care of me so well today. I never expected you to respond by phone or so quickly. I’ve already received a notice from USPS about shipping. You are doing a great job and I love your product, it really fulfills a need for our sick or injured pets.

Thank you so much for getting our Cover Me to us so quickly. Macy is home and recovering. Her Cover Me fits perfectly and she loves it! I love this product and you were so kind and professional. The short time I had taken it off of her she started licking and biting at her sutures. She doesn’t try to do that when wearing her Cover Me. Thank you for your great customer service. Will recommend it to all.

Very impressed. It is helping my dog heal by not letting him bite or scratch where he developed a skin condition. He relaxes more with it on and is unable to scratch with his nails. Plus it looks very cute, like he has “Jammies” on! Also washes well in the washing machine.

I loved your post op onesie so much that I am ordering another one. It covers all the spots needed perfectly, especially for a Cocker Spaniel who keeps trying to lick his stapled wound and shaved incision site. I am ordering another one right now so we can rotate them and keep them clean. Thank you!

Cover Me was key to getting my dog’s stitches to finally heal. Cover Me worked for me!!

My dog has issues with itchy skin. I coat her itchy spots in aloe vera gel. I put on this garment, so that she cannot lick off the gel. It covers her perfectly.

This is such a great product for dogs who can’t handle those awful stiff collars. My dog was as happy as could be to wear this after his neutering. Brilliant!!!!

I was not sure if my dog would resist sleeping in the pullover, but he went to bed and never moved the entire night. We got it to prevent him from licking at his sutures. It did the trick!

My little Pomeranian had developed severe skin allergies and she needed to wear one of those Elizabethan collars (thought it was the inflatable kind, much better than the actual Elizabethan collars) and the collar kept slipping off. I put this little number on her and she loves it. It covers most of her body. She is so much more relaxed now – which gives me a lot of relief! Thank-you Tulane’s Closet!!!! Love this little bodysuit.

My cocker has severe seborrhea. This onesie contains the dead skin cells and keeps them from floating around my house. My dog jumped right in it and fell asleep. I know it’s comfortable for him! Great product! Awesome!

Kept my dog from licking belly after surgery. She always managed to get around the cone which was also uncomfortable. Great Product!

I used this for my 7 month old Treeing Walker Coon hound when she was spayed. She loved it! She didn’t fit into the size categories so I went with the length (from neck to tail), that seems to be the most important measurement. When we get the suit out she runs over and sits, eagerly waiting to get it on. It kept her from licking the surgical sight. She is a wild one but kept the suit on while we were gone. I will always use these suits from now on.

So far they are working out wonderfully. I am at the MSU vet school and we had a recent wound dog that had a wound on his abdomen and we sent him home with one and as far as I know it is working nicely!! Thanks!!

Perfect fit! I am ordering another one. Here is her picture and we would be honored to have her picture on the website! Thank you for such personal service!
Just want you to know the outfit fit perfectly and he hasn’t tried to lick his surgical site at all!!! I just threw the E-Collar in the trash!!!!!!

Your Cover Me arrived for Sammy and here he is proudly wearing it. It was perfect. I did not trust him to leave his incision alone during the night and he was going bonkers with his e-collar. With the Cover me he slept like a baby, as did everyone else in the house finally! The material is so soft I really think he noticed how good it felt on him. It is made very professionally. I now put it on like his p-j’s at night and everyone is happy.

Many many thanks for sending overnight. It fits perfectly and I can sleep without worrying that Chloe will do something to her sutures. You are so wonderful. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you. xoxoxo

Thanks so much, it arrived in perfect timing with her surgery ! So glad she’s not a cone head as she’s very comfortable in her Cover Me garment ! She’s not touching her stitches and sleeps so comfortable! Here’s ANGEL modeling the pink one ! We’ll be back for more, the puppy print looks cute also.

The first Cover Me for my Angel, an 8 1/2 lb. silky terrier who is going to be spayed tomorrow morning. I tried the Cover Me on her and it fit perfectly ! I’m so happy with it that I ordered a pink size S. She loves to wear jammies, so these will be perfect for her comfort. What a great idea! Thanks so much for a great product.

Thank you so very much for your help and consideration. You made this an easy and enjoyable purchase!

I was very happy with your product-Kody looked so handsome and never minded wearing his PJ’s! His wounds healed well with any licking or biting. So much better than the cone!

We had three little Chi girls spayed last week right after we received your package. They have all three been wearing the Cover Me Tui’s and they are working great! The little suits are so very soft and easy to get on the little girls that they were not afraid or uncomfortable wearing them. All three girls came from a backyard breeder situation and had been living outside so we have been putting pieces of incontinence pads inside the little garments so they are truly multi-purpose garments for us!

Here is Oscar (and stuffed friend) comfortably napping while wearing his “post- surgical garment” (we call it “Oscar’s dress”) from Tulane’s Closet. Oscar unwisely ate a section of leather rope, which necessitated emergency surgery and the possibility of the dreaded cone to prevent him from licking his 8-inch incision. We were so pleased to discover the Cover Me garment which Oscar wore for the entire recovery period without incident. At 75 pounds we were unsure the Cover Me would fit but it did and it also washed beautifully. This truly is a revolutionary advance in canine comfort. I’ve shared the website with our vet, the emergency hospital and our dog trainer. All are very impressed! Oscar thanks you, too.

Got my order –very fast delivery! I can’t thank you enough. I have been searching for a ‘coverall’ for my 17 year old Aussie who has been chewing the upper inside of her back leg. Working at a vet’s office and having been in the ‘animal’ field for over 40 years, I’m pretty creative at finding solutions for animal issues. However, my old girl’s chewing has been frustrating–she’s been the route of medications, no-chew sprays and jury-rigged cover ups. An e-collar for her has never been an option due to a severe past negative experience with one. Even the anti-anxiety medication (her chewing is an anxiety/mental issue that then becomes physical)and steroids didn’t work well. Neither did the Thundershirt. The cover ups fit perfectly and are great. Old as she is, Teddy is still physically active (when she’s not asleep) and the Cover-Me allows her to bounce around, get up and down stairs and maintain her lifestyle easily. Not having to remove it for bathroom breaks is a god-send. It seems to be the answer I’ve been looking for. With her age and health, I know we’re on the downhill side of her time with us, but I want to keep her as comfortable as possible, both physically and mentally. The Cover-Me is allowing me to keep her off various medications that had not always great side-effects , this has now prevented her self-mutilating. I couldn’t ask for more! So again, thank you.

Thank you so much for this he is so happy he sleeps better check out my Facebook, I posted this already!

Thank you so much for all your help. This is such a wonderful solution for post-surgery situations so she doesn’t have to wear that awful cone! I appreciate you for coming up with this!!

We bought one for my girl Kiah’s post ACL surgery…it was definitely less stressful on everyone than the cone of shame. She had the cone on for a week and then the Cover Me by Tui for about a week and half to keep her off her stitches. worked great. I loved the potty flap.