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Veterinarians and Wholesalers

Are you looking for a way to help clients be more compliant after their pet’s surgery? The best way is to take off the old e-collar and put on an Adjustable Fit Cover Me by Tui. With this one piece post-surgical garment, pets can rest easier and heal quicker. The Cover Me by Tui is made of 100% Peruvian cotton, which is not only hypoallergenic but breathable and four times stronger than typical cotton. It is lightweight but incredibly durable and we double stitch to make it even stronger. The Cover Me by Tui comes with a built-in potty cover so there is no need to remove from the animal. Here are a few more reasons why your veterinary hospital would benefit from carrying the Cover Me by Tui: Great return on investment, with nearly 100% compliance rate compared to the “Cone of Shame” so check out this alternative to the Elizabethan collar today! (US Patent Protected 8,985,062)

Wholesale Features and Benefits

If you have tried other alternatives to the e-collar in the past, you know they don’t always work. The inflatable collars loose their air while the more cushioned collars tend to flop backwards like an umbrella. Clients remove the collars then here comes the pet back in for more sutures. With the Cover Me by Tui, pets are calmer and stress free. No more running into walls or not eating because of depression. In a Cover Me by Tui, pets can heal quicker and sleep well which makes owners happier!

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