Tui's Friends #2

Thanks for getting Lola through 2019 and her skin issue! This was a lifesaver! Here’s to a healthy 2020.

Here’s a few pics from our friend, Kathi P. Her baby is Retta, who is a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon. These are after she was spayed. Such a sweet girl.

Here’s a few pics from our friend, Kathi P. Her baby is Retta, who is a Wire Haired Pointing Griffon. These are after she was spayed. Such a sweet girl.

Please say hello to this sweet boy, Ben! He’s 11 years old and is a cavalier/cocker. We think he looks so cute in his yellow #CoverMebyTui, what do you think?

Rosie’s allergies are SO BAD!!! We slept 3.5 hours last night because she was a wreck. Today daddy put her in her #CoverMebyTui and I get to be in one, too! Hopefully this helps until Rosie can see our beloved Dr. Claunch!

We are trying to keep Lucy from licking a sore that is healing on her front right leg.

Roxi was spayed and is healing comfortably in her Pullover style #CoverMebyTui.

Bailey recovering from her spay surgery in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Handsome Chandler is wearing his #CoverMebyTui! Green is definitely his color!

What did my mom do to me?!? Please say hi to River the red Aussie!! This handsome Lil guy is so stinkin’ cute in his #CoverMebyTui and blue tie bow!

On Wednesdays, we wear blue.

Here’s what Roxy’s mom says, “We love to share our pretty girl! She’s the best! Love you guys! Best products ever! Thank you!

Tfw you’re a 4lb tripawd who had a huge mass (is that redundant?) removed from your remaining front leg and all your e-collars are too big and uncomfortable… meet Lt Dan. (Thanks to our new friend, Liz S for this super cool gift. He really is comfortable in it!)

My 7lb Lani showing up in style to get spayed today. A customer for years. Have used for many reasons w/ other pups. A few jealous pet owners @ Vet this morning!

Here’s Dante resting comfortably in his #CoverMebyTui.

This little girl know how to accessorize her #CoverMebyTui.

Doesn’t Punzie look adorable in her blue #CoverMebyTui.

This is Minnie Mae after surgery at AMCMA of St. Louis. She and her family are much happier with the #CoverMebyTui being offered there!

We think Kate looks so pretty in her blue #CoverMebyTui.

Here’s Nina wearing our new apple green & navy #CoverMebyTui.

This sweet boy had needed surgery on both knees for luxating patellas, and the long sleeved onesie has been incredible.

How I rock the 4th of July! Happy Independence Day eberypawdy love love #CoverMebyTui.

This is Boomer! He had ACL surgery and your onesie was perfect for him to heal in!! It was super cozy and such nice material. Plus he looks pretty cute in his little outfit. Thank you for making this quality product!!!

Loving my post surgery pyjamas! So much better then looking like a lampshade!

Hello surgical recovery cat suit!!! Goodbye indignities of wearing a plastic cone! 1 more week to the removal of stitches.

Mom says she loves sleeping in her pj’s #CoverMebyTui!

Here’s Summer in her crate (note fan to keep her cool) in her beautiful cover me…baby pink for big girls! Thanks!

Have you ever had to put a post-surgery cone on your cat? Not fun, huh? Great news – the #CoverMebyTui is available for kitties too! It keeps your cat from licking or scratching at a healing wound or incision site so they don’t have to wear the “cone of shame.” You can purchase these awesome onesies for your dog or cat at both of our locations. (Thank you to our feline friend Tink, who graciously modeled for us!)

This pup, Roo, is so cute! I would never want to quit snuggling!

My big baby Peanut is home from her spay! Thank you to everyone for the prayers!! This adorable onesie pajama get up is a fantastic alternative to the dreadful cone of shame. It has a flap for potty breaks even!! Shameless plug here!! Get your very own at Tulane’s Closet, LLC!!! You will NOT regret it! Best investment!

This baby girl has been through alot already & her mom says she loves her #CoverMebyTui.

Lulu’s much happier that mom got her a #CoverMebyTui instead of the e-collar. Isn’t she so cute!?

Miss Anna after surgery to remove a tumor. So much more comfortable and less stress during recovery…for both of us!

Say hi to sweet Lulu who’s recovering from surgery!!

Meet Gloria, an 8 week old puppy when a neighbor got her. Such a cutie & most of us, at least in St. Louis, get why she was named Gloria!

Here’s my Geordie in his onesie. He has a very long road to recovery as underneath that fabric is not a spec of hair and some very bad skin! He must stay covered at all times to protect him from tearing that’s why I wanted a real quality outfit for him. Geordie has been through so much & knowing that we’re helping him heal more comfortably fills our hearts. Kisses Geordie!

Say hi to Robbie! We think he looks so cute in his blue #CoverMebyTui! His parents used the “Find A Store” on our website & found a vet near them. They were able to take Robbie to make sure they got the right size (plus, they can get it right away!)

Here’s Pinky trying on his new blue #CoverMebyTui for his mast cell tumor surgery today. His mom says surgery’s going well & we’re hoping he has a speedy, comfy recovery.

Say hi to Hudson! Mom says he loves wearing his #CoverMebyTui pj’s! She’s waiting patiently for our new color which is coming soon!

This sweet girl is one tough little trooper! She has beaten cancer! She is one loved little girl!!

Check out this handsome Great Dane puppy, Dudley! Don’t you want to just snuggle with him?!

Peanut is comfy and ready for sleeps... and unable to chew on her hot spot!!

We gotten many a good night’s sleep since he has his jammies. He has healed nicely and is well on road to recovery. I have been singing the praises of these surgical jammies to everyone and they LOVED it at the Veterinarian hospital. The flap works GREAT for potty breaks and even though Tucker is a hound and has a lot of loose skin, he is very comfortable in his jammies.

This is Ziggy and he wears his kitty jammies to prevent him from licking off the cream to treat his skin cancer.

This is India & Willow who are siblings!

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