Tui's Friends #7

Kennel full of Cover Me’d furry friends at Kindness Animal Hospital

Even BUNZ the bunny is cozy in an XSmall Cover Me!

We think Daphne’s much happier with the Cover Me than she would be with an E-collar! What do you think??

Aren’t I one pretty girl??

Here’s the handsome Scout going home in his Cover Me after surgery!

Sam looking adorable laying on the cool ground!

This kitty went to Mission Pet Emergency & went home in a cat Cover Me…we think she’s soo sweet!

Samuel is a beautiful, big guy who’s parents opted for the Cover Me after his mass removal surgery instead of the dreaded cone!

Check out this handsome boy, Kaelic, laying with all his favorite toys!

Barrett just had surgery & his mommy said no to the e-collar and opted for the Cover Me instead. We think he looks much more relaxed now! Such a sweet boy!!

No E-collar for Fern! She looks adorable in her Pink Cover Me!!

Remington went to Mission Pet Emergency after he came home from groomer too tender…the Cover Me is helping him feel better!

Here’s Riley recovering from TPLO surgery in his Blue Cover Me, no Cone of Shame for him!

Check out these adorable Frenchie pups, no E-collar for them!

Here’s handsome Atticus, mom opted for the Cover Me instead of the Cone!

Charlotte’s mom said she’s resting so much better after her patella repair & spay, she loves the Cover Me!

Hannah has severe megaesophogus & requires her to be fed with a feeding tube. The Cover Me helps her tube stay in place & keeps other pets at Adopt A Golden Atlanta from accidentally moving it.

No E-collar for Archie!! What a handsome guy in his Blue Cover Me!

Mike showing off his personalized Cover Me!

Isn’t Molly adorable in her Pink Cover Me??

Mike with his new monkey!!

Trixie says, HEY! Cat’s can wear Cover Me’s too!! Trixie is sporting hers to cover her newly repaired spay incision while it heals.

This sweet baby’s name is Sophie. Sophie suffers from chronic itchy skin so her Cover Me prevents her from irritating it further.

Here is Leia at the time of her discharge wearing her comfy Cover Me suit instead of wearing an ecollar! Jen was the lead tech on her case and made sure Leia was monitored carefully and given some TLC.

Meet Leon, Ashley and Cory! Leon is the model, Ashley is one of our technicians and Cory who is the first patient to try our new Cover Me’s ! His owners elected to try the Cover Me by Tui instead of him wearing an Elizabethan cone of shame. This suit is definitely more cuddle friendly than the traditional cone.

Diesel looking dapper in his comfy Cover Me.

Happy Marley!!

Penny looks pretty in her Cover Me.

Teller is comfy once again

This sweetie is relaxing in his #CoverMebyTui!

Sweet Kaiser!

Mom is showing Kaiser.

The Cover Me is helping so much with Sugar’s allergies.

Izzy is just adorable in her new Cover Me by Tui

Gemma Looks pretty in her Cover Me.

Fire is so happy there is a Kitty Cover Me now. Yahoo!!

I think I’m the prettiest King Charles Spaniel in my pink #CoverMebyTui!

I’m so much more rlaxed in my #CoverMe, and don’t you think the pink is great on me too?!

Eden is such a sweetheart in her #CoverMebyTui.

I know you want to just squeeze me because I’m so cute in my #CoverMebyTui!!

Mike looking handsome in his blue #CoverMeny Tui!

I’m one happy guy in my new #CoverMe!

Here is Mila ready for New home in her Cover Me..

Phoenix is loving his Cover Me.

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