Tui's Friends #4

Meet Rexford, one handsome boy wearing his yellow #CoverMebyTui.

Here’s the adorable Maggie relaxing in her #CoverMebyTui after her spay.

Scout the Otterhound loves her #CoverMebyTui!

Meet Bentley St. George, he’s resting after his neuter in his blue #CoverMebyTui.

Meet Ailbie, looking handsome in his camo #CoverMebyTui.

Ollie very happy to be in his #CoverMebyTui instead of the cone of shame.

Ladybug’s mom said she LOVES wearing her jammies! #CoverMebyTui.

Scarlett the Shar Pei is recovering in style in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Daisy sprawled out after her spay…so sweet! #CoverMebyTui.

Hunny being as sweet as can be! #CoverMebyTui.

Zoe the Wheaten Terrier looks beautiful in her short sleeved, adjustable, Cover Me by Tui. Our garments are made from soft, breathable, Pima Cotton so they are truly the most comfortable alternative to hard e-collars.

Meet Waylon…so cute in his blue #CoverMebyTui.

This is Lindy Lulubelle happy in her #CoverMebyTui!

Aladdin is the 2017 American Humane Therapy Dog who visited the set of the TV show, Harry. In the H is a pic of Laddy wearing his #CoverMebyTui Check out more about him at Aladdin Nation on Facebook.

Sophie’s got her eyes set on the outdoors…wearing the #CoverMebyTui makes it easy for her & her mom!

Dory’s a rescue dog from Puerto Rico & her mom says it helps protect her skin from the sun and now from the cold.

Sophie’s got her eyes set on the outdoors…wearing the #CoverMebyTui makes it easy for her & her mom!

Look who’s smiling…in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Dan D. Lion laying in the sun with his #CoverMebyTui on!

Roxie loves her #CoverMebyTui! It’s keeps her from licking her hot spots on her tummy!

Dixie Dot being as cute as can be in her #CoverMebyTui.

Meet Missi…she’s very comfy in her #CoverMebyTui!

Meet Rosie, she’s recovering from ACL surgery in her pretty pink #CoverMebyTui.

Meet this adorable baby girl, Abby. She’s much happier healing from her spay in her pink #CoverMebyTui than the cone of shame.

This baby girl is so sweet in her Pullover #CoverMebyTui.

Happy #NationalDogDay to my little love who’s recovering from being spayed! No cone of shame for her! #CoverMeByTui #DogsOfInstagram.

This is Newt Scamander & he wears his “jammies”because he has allergies.

This little guy is in a Pullover style #CoverMebyTui to keep him from his new favorite licking spot.

THANK YOU, For helping Brutus recover from knee surgery in comfort! Amazing product!

Tui’s friend, Daisy. She’s relaxing after her spay in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Meet Kimber…looking adorable in her yellow #CoverMebyTui.

Here’s Sugar…showing off her blue #CoverMebyTui.

Charles looks pretty comfy in his special place wearing his #CoverMebyTui.

Izzy’s too cute in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Glady resting peacefully in her #CoverMebyTui.

Who could refuse this sweet face, Fern?! The pink #CoverMebyTui is a great fit on her!

Here’s Jack Tripper showing off his #CoverMebyTui.

Joy is such a darling puppy in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Look at this sweetie pie in her pink #CoverMebyTui.

Rudy doing much better after ditching the #coneofshame & getting his #CoverMebyTui!

Could this baby be any cuter in her #CoverMebyTui.

Kit Kat recovering in her #CoverMebyTui after having mammary glad removal surgery.

Sweet Ruby sleeping in her #CoverMebyTui alongside her teddy after her spay.

Harley Q’s so comfy in her #CoverMebyTui that she doesn’t want to get out of bed!

Dante looks handsome in his blue #CoverMebyTui, laying in bed with his teddy bear!

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