Tui's Friends #8

Bentley Loves His Cover Me.

Hersey is finally getting some rest in her new #CoverMebyTui.

Gertie is getting ready for her spay.

Lizzie is feeling so much better….

Does Sklyer look comfy or what…

Here’s Jo! So happy in his pullover Cover Me.

Tex Loves His New Cover Me by Tui!

No Dog Cone for Me!

Tank Loves his new Cover Me!

Rosie is much happier in her Cover Me by Tui!!

Rosie in her Dog Cone.



Mollie is so comfy without the Dog Cone..

Here’s Izzy.. Isn’t she a doll in her pink Cover Me.

Dillon is already trying to play ball…

Little Horton… He’s a doll in his Cover Me…

Little Louie is doing great!

Hi everyone! Does the blue look good on me? #CoverMebyTui.

Max seems to be resting great in his new #CoverMebyTui.

Here she is Ms.Olive in her Cover Me!

Fred is so happy he’s not in a dog cone!

Maggy is enjoying wearing her Cover Me after her spay.

No “Cone of Shame” for little Lucy!

Spooky just had some lumps removed but is feeling better with the #CoverMebyTui on.

Dino is recovering just great after his neuter!

Here’s Oliver and he’s doing great in his New Cover Me by Tui!

Isn’t this Frenchie just adorable??

Cheyenne after TPLO surgery.

Here’s Nala in her #CoverMebyTui No e-collar for her!!

Fancy is in her pretty as pink #CoverMebyTui.

Laila is sooo comfy in her pullover #CoverMebyTui.

Lucas looks like a good fit in his New #CoverMebyTui after surgery.

Lucas looks like a good fit in his New #CoverMebyTui after surgery.

No More Dog Cone for Teensie & Tinker Yippee!! #CoverMebyTui

Bailey is so happy now No more itching and scratching #CoverMebyTui.

Lucy got her #CoverMebyTui and will be all ready to recover from her surgery quickly!

Torre is resting pretty good in her #CoverMebyTui.

Chase is sporting his step-into #CoverMebyTui

Laila is sooo comfy in her pullover #CoverMebyTui.

Bella is so happy not having to wear the “Cone of Shame” #CoverMebyTui.

Fidoe’s of Reality WINNER! #CoverMebyTui.

Sleepy little Princess… #CoverMebyTui.

Vicka is sitting pretty in her new #CoverMebyTui.

This little cutie is so happy without that cone. #CoverMebyTui.

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