Tui's Friends #6

Vader relaxing after his neuter…#CoverMebyTui.

Lizzy so sweet after her spay in her #CoverMebyTui

Here’s Totti feeling good & relief from her skin issues! #CoverMebyTui.

Here’s Peppermint Patty sporting her #CoverMebyTui that she won though Fidos of Reality contest!!

Meet Ollie, he’s our 1st ever (Cat) Photo Contest Winner!! #CoverMebyTui.

Romo’s relaxing in his #CoverMebyTui & he’s also our 1st Photo Contest (Dog) Winner!!

Sadie resting comfortably after ACL surgery.

Wyatt after surgery in his #CoverMebyTui.

Cassie looks so sweet & comfy laying on the couch in her #CoverMebyTui.

Who knew your pup could be so comfortable after a spay #CoverMebyTui.

Charlie’s so cute in his #CoverMebyTui.

We’re happy Zanna’s healing more comfortably with her #CoverMebyTui.

Here’s Oreo the day after her surgery showing off her new #CoverMebyTui!

Sunny’s mom sent in this sweet pic of Sunny in her kitty #CoverMebyTui!

Lexie is healing comfortably in her pink #CoverMebyTui!

Chloe is relaxing outside in her pink #CoverMebyTui!

Nothing’s sweeter than Sugar!

Isn’t ivy just look like the sweetest?

Trixie’s mom didn’t want her baby itching her belly anymore, so she got her a #CoverMebyTui!

Look at me! I’m so adorable in my pink #CoverMebyTui!!

Yes, I am a sweet angel in my #CoverMebyTui!

Check out how sweet Lexie & her sister Gabby are!

This Poodle is so sweet laying down on the couch!

Isn’t Mr. Buster Brown adorable in his yellow #CoverMebyTui??

Hagen’s mom says she much happier in the Cover Me by Tui than the cone!

We think this beautiful Golden is smiling!

Cupcake’s adorable in her cat #CoverMebyTui!

We don’t know, Valentino!

This is the sweetest big guy, Barrett laying on his daddy!

Cuteness overload!!

Love this pic of Britney in her cat Cover Me!

Isn’t Ted adorable?!

Check out how cute Chloe is!

Max is much happier in his Cover Me than the E-collar!

Check out how handsome Duffy is in his blue Cover Me!

Buddy feels more calm in his Cover Me by Tui!

Isn’t Lance adorable in his Cover Me??

Isn’t Diva the cat adorable?!

Koby looks so handsome in his Cover Me outside in the snow!

Could Louie be any cuter??

Twinkle looks so comfy in his blue Cover Me!

Koca looks majestic in her pink Cover Me!

Jabari is one cool Cat in his Cover Me!

Isn’t Daphne adorable in her pink Cover Me?

Look how sweet Ike the service dog is laying down in his new Cover Me by Tui!

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